Example sentences of "[vb mod] [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 Prospects : A pattern which may evolve out of the failures above ; its failure , however , could produce a turning of the tables and the triumph of :
2 Other negative feelings may arise out of the learning situation itself , or the student 's total ignorance of the language to be learned .
3 Er after deliberate first we wondered whether they ought to go through onto the racecourse and then we decided no probably the best place for them would be round the back of the main stand .
4 The Freudian realistic view it seems to me , could n't allow you to draw either conclusion , you could n't , neither conclude , that things were better in the past and therefore we ou ought to go back to the golden age , nor , could you conclude that things will ever be any better in the future .
5 The sister did not like this at all and called the paediatrician , who examined and decided that he ought to go down to the special care baby unit after all .
6 I ought to go down to the police station .
7 Unfortunately , puppies in particular may rush out through the door in this situation , often ignoring the visitor , and could end up on the road .
8 Freud seems to give too much weight to the belief in Christ , and too little to the actual people in the church structures and the emotional ties that may build up between the ‘ secondary leader ’ and the believers .
9 But the brokers between the private sector and the community , such as BITC , say these sources may dry up in the recession .
10 Let's jump in at the deep end — literally .
11 They ought to stand up to the goons . ’
12 Hawks may swoop down from the sky and carry one off .
13 Every day the Ethiopian planes may swoop down from the sky .
14 Well let's catch up with the latest from the Manor ground , I think Nick Harris is back in the press box now .
15 About 1 in 10 has now followed this route over the country as a whole , and in the costly Southeast as many as 20 per cent may opt out of the NHS .
16 For some reason , this letter so unnerved her that she thought she must rush down to the sea at once , and run the thudding in her head quite out of it .
17 Every user of LIFESPAN must log on to the system via a unique user name and password , allocated in this way .
18 Valeria had asked us for the afternoon and suggested that we should stay on for the evening , as her mother had gone to spend the night with a friend .
19 Again , you should log in to the VAX as the LIFESPAN Manager , and type :
20 The LIFESPAN Manager should log in to the LIFESPAN RDBI process directory ( i.e. where the 59 .
21 ( c ) The causation of the public nuisance or the threat to public order must arise out of the use of the premises for the sale of alcoholic liquor .
22 If you must jump out of the loop , you should use UNTIL TRUE to " pop " the stack .
23 But by March that year the Chiefs of Staff were recording a victory for their view of the Middle East , and were arguing that this implied that Britain must hang on to the right to return to bases in Egypt , even in the absence of agreement .
24 But if a statement such as ‘ John is tall ’ is to be true , then the predicate ‘ is tall ’ must latch on to the world , just as ‘ John ’ does .
25 It is for these reasons that Woolwich is not enabled or required to seek its remedy through the statutory framework , but must fall back on the common law .
26 However , where negotiation fails , the parties must fall back on the law , and their rights and liabilities will then be governed by the terms of their contract .
27 With patterned fabric , the design must line up across the whole width of the curtain .
28 The full results of this strategy should show through in the 1989 profit figures .
29 The pattern is very much first half er , erm , loss or small profit , second half all the profit and in fact you should watch out for the bigger , the bigger Addison Wesley gets , the more the loss in the second half will be because we 're investing for that sale
30 If the hair should snap off from the tear , it may drift for many kilometres on the wind , falling slowly , and come to rest a long way down-wind from the vent .
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