Example sentences of "[subord] it is [adv] [coord] " in BNC.

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1 Everything was er so much more difficult than it , than it is today and er things were not sort of disposed of like they are now .
2 At that time , ultrasonagraphy was less developed than it is today and was not available in all 10 treatment centres .
3 Crime is lower in their area than it is nationally and the clear-up rate is higher .
4 Volcanoes emit very large concentr very large amounts of hydrochloric acid as a gas H C L gas and earlier in the earth 's history volcanic activity was much , much more widespread than it is now and during this period vast amounts of H C L were emitted .
5 It was a bit of a pill at the time and y used to pay a shilling in the pound , well a shilling was a lot more valuable than it is now and erm I used to begrudge paying in it forty eight and sixpence but it does provide the , well the pleasures of life now , whereby the pens the ordinary old age pension would n't .
6 Those who are asking for that — many voices , including important voices , in Northern Ireland are asking for it — would create a situation for everybody in Northern Ireland that would be far worse than it is now and , God knows , it is bad enough at present .
7 Its activities have grown with every year , but public financing has not , so it is more and more dependent on what it can extract through planning regulations from the developers and industrialists themselves .
8 Moreover , if we make indiscriminate use of drafting , if it is invariably or artificially imposed , it may well lead to a child 's interest in writing declining .
9 When the ferret is re-entered he will either kill another rabbit if it is there or , if it is tucked up , he will scrap away at its hindquarters .
10 But it can only happen , he wrote , if it is totally and utterly divorced from me .
11 ( Kelly 's more sophisticated approach gives figures between about 5 per cent and 10 per cent E. ) In a way it does not matter very much if our figure is not very accurate because it is seldom or never reached when testing real materials in bulk .
12 Such archived information is frequently used in research because it is more or less free ; but , to avoid fallacious conclusions arising from what is usually called secondary analysis , we must be prepared to think critically about the source , reliability and consistency of the data involved .
13 However small it was ( and whether it is just or not ) , I have felt over the years that the Halton experience has enabled me ( despite my background ) to bridge the gap between those far off days , and reaching the rank of sergeant pilot , and the mid-war years when , in a few months , there was swift passage through the roles of flight commander , squadron commander , staff officer and station commander .
14 Thus the existence of an alleged defence to a criminal prosecution is merely a matter to be taken into account in the exercise of the court 's discretion when considering whether it is just and convenient that interlocutory relief should be granted ( post , pp. 173D–F , 178H , 179A , 190D–E ) .
15 In my opinion , the existence of an alleged defence is a matter to be taken into account in the exercise of the court 's discretion , when deciding whether it is just and convenient that interlocutory relief should be granted .
16 This category of special relationship is now characterised more by the knowledge of the maker of the statement that the recipient will rely on it : see Lord Denning MR in Ministry of Housing and Local Government v Sharp [ 1970 ] 2 QB 223 at 268G , and 13.11. negligence claims , of ( 1 ) the foreseeability of the damage ; ( 2 ) the proximity of the parties ; and ( 3 ) whether it is just and reasonable in all the circumstances that the duty should exist : see Lord Oliver in Caparo Industries plc v Dickman [ 1990 ] 2 WLR 358 at 379B .
17 ( 2 ) The consumption or reception of a text may or may not be auratic , depending on whether it is individually or collectively consumed , or whether the audience views the cultural object in a state of immersion or distraction .
18 Whether it is so or not is a question of construction of the particular statute concerned .
19 Whether it is so or not depends on all the circumstances of the case including the context and wording of the provisions , the degree of emphasis , the purpose and effect of the default clause and any other relevant consideration .
20 ‘ Scepticism and doubt is legitimate when it is correctly and intelligently applied ; that is , when it is questioning .
21 Results of other research on 10 WFS countries of Sub-Sahara Africa also showed that , " It ( the effect of maternal age of infant mortality ) is associated with selectivity in respect to social and economic factors , though it is principally and directly an effect of physiological determinants " .
22 Nor does a term cease to be a leasehold because it is determinable by an event which may happen , or which is certain to happen , within the term — e.g. if A holds land for 99 years or for 999 years , ‘ if he shall so long live ’ , he is still a leaseholder , though it is nearly or quite certain that he will not outlive the term .
23 Though it is structurally and organizationally outside the control of the state , as an institution the press daily confronts pressures and constraints which limit its freedom .
24 Mr Court was a principal architect of this Society as it is today and I am grateful for this opportunity to pay tribute to the very considerable part he has played in the development of the Society over the past 16 years .
25 Well , it , it , it looked very similar , not quite as good as it is now but er , it was n't no where near as wide of course .
26 He lived down Gypsy Lane with his two sisters , he was a single man you see and my father and mother lived here and my , they not only mended shoes but they made them and er course naturally , you know , well of course Needham was n't as big as it is now but they made them for the best people , if that , if that 's the right , not the right expression say , but er but you know what I mean er and er and he , you know , all his life you see he did that and then one day he had a shock because his er , what would you call him colleague , he , he died suddenly in the night .
27 Mm but I , I mean I can use it as it is now but anything else on to it I would find it difficult .
28 Though the Dragon Princes were few the destruction they could wreak was unmatched then as it is now and few dared the wrath of Caledor .
29 It claims 100% compatibility with Windows 3. x ( as it is now and as it may become to ward off emulators ) and no degradation in the performance of any Windows application .
30 X ( as it is now and as it may become to ward off emulators ) and no degradation in the performance of any Windows application .
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