Example sentences of "[vb pp] over a long [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 For a start , it allows spreading to be carried over a longer period during the winter months ( Table 1 ) .
2 In early 1977 , for the first time in 30 years , campesinos in the central region of the country occupied land from which they had been evicted over a long period of time to make way for export crops .
3 Brussels Cathedral ( 490 ) was built over a long period .
4 This was built over a long period — both Peter Parler and Rejsek worked on it .
5 As the ice slowly melts the plants are watered over a long period .
6 There are plenty of other collections with which to compare this one that do seem to have been written over a long period , and , indeed , the possible Eckard autograph F-Pn D 14218 ( see n.5 ) , with its much more disparate contents , its fragments , and its changes of hand toward the end , is such a source .
7 Signatories of GATT could institute tariff changes which might discriminate against third parties only if done over a long period of time , so giving those third parties the opportunities of adjusting to the change without suffering severe economic disruption .
8 In this type of study , trend values of consumption and income are collected over a long period of time so that most cyclical fluctuations are smoothed out .
9 It was the result of a carefully planned experiment based on numerous other experiments performed over a long period .
10 The run-down was to be stretched over a longer period and the agreed strength raised from Sandys ’ proposed 45,000 to 55,000 .
11 Figure 18.4 shows , by means of five-year moving averages of deaths per million in England and Wales , how the disease has behaved over a long period in relation to other serious illnesses .
12 The interior cooling recorded by contraction at the surface must have persisted over a long period .
13 Also the junction between the uncorroded metal and the applied patina is very sharp , whereas a patina which has developed over a long period of time will have eaten into the metal in a very irregular and quite characteristic manner that is very difficult to imitate .
14 Scientific examination has shown that they are made of bronze similar to that used in genuine Italic figures from Italy and the patination appears to have developed over a long period , suggesting that they are not modern copies .
15 Within the orbit of the late Roman world , Christianity was primarily receptive ; it inherited a set of institutions ready-made , conformed to a social and political structure which had developed over a long period , and learned to live with a culture which it had little part in creating .
16 The final separation may mean an agony of divided loyalty for the children of the marriage or it may spell relief from intolerable tensions which have developed over a long period .
17 Also , employers are constantly employing new staff so the return on selection has to be calculated over a longer period of time to get a true picture of the effects of selection methods .
18 At its meeting on 25 January the National Executive agreed to a statement surveying Cripps ' " past campaigns waged over a long period " , " his wide departure from the Party 's Programme , Principles and Policy " , and his " organised effort fundamentally to change the Party 's direction and leadership " .
19 Ethnographic research has special qualities suited to dealing with controversial topics in sensitive locations , for it entails a gradual and progressive contact with respondents , which is sustained over a long period , allowing a rapport to be established slowly with respondents over time , and for researchers to participate in the full range of experiences involved in the topic .
20 Perhaps it is because a predator is able to find and eat relatively large numbers of aposematic prey in a short space of time , and that the high initial rate of feeding produces a more powerful reinforcement than a greater number of prey eaten over a longer period .
21 This is clearly not the case where some very frail old people are concerned but reciprocity can be viewed over a long time scale .
22 If it 's a professional job they will have been observed over a long period and their habits and financial status will be known . ’
23 Capital allowances deducted from the taxable income may be higher in the early years ( and therefore lower in the later years ) thin book depreciation , which may be charged over a longer period .
24 It points out , however , that decommissioning costs are spread over a long period , while those of reprocessing spent fuel are more immediate .
25 Christmas puddings , jars of mincemeat , bunches of holly , fruit , nuts , table-mats , serviette-rings and dozens of other useful little articles they had made carefully and patiently were spread over a long trestle table in the hall .
26 But obviously a place not already converted would cost less initially , and the price of rebuilding would be spread over a longer period .
27 It faced substantial protests , however , from water suppliers , notably in the UK ( see pp. 36903 ; 37159 ) and in West Germany , who objected that the massive costs involved would need to be spread over a longer period .
28 An additional incentive is that a garden , in contrast to its associated historic building , does not always need substantial sums for major fabric repairs at the outset and can be revived over a longer period of time .
29 Debt due for repayment within two years could be paid within five years , and debt due to be repaid over a longer period could be paid within eight years .
30 Even at the primary stage , it has been shown that children can often grasp that a country house contains material that has accumulated over a long period .
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