Example sentences of "[vb pp] from time to time " in BNC.

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1 At first their mother 's sister had come from time to time but she and Moran had quarrelled .
2 Although the commitment to religion was stressed from time to time , often in response to the charge of militarism , the CLB always seemed to emphasize matters of social discipline and conformity .
3 Some members like to come back to Bristol for social events like the Alumni Foundation concerts or the sports reunions which are organised from time to time .
4 As to the first question it is clear that views as to the availability and scope of certiorari together with its actual use have varied from time to time .
5 ( 2 ) For the purposes of this section : ( a ) " special road " and " special road authority " have the same meanings as in the Roads ( Scotland ) Act 1984 and ( b ) " class I " means class 1 in Schedule 3 to the Act , as varied from time to time by any order under section 8 of that Act , but , if that Schedule is amended by such an order so as to add to it a further class of traffic , the order may adapt the reference in this section to traffic of class 1 so as to take account of the additional class .
6 In addition , it is supplemented from time to time by statements of practice or policy issued by the Panel .
7 A journal publishing the new material which had been added from time to time to the machine-readable text .
8 The spirit had been caught from time to time long before and by the same crossing of Italian sweetness with Netherland technique , for instance in Josquin 's ‘ Pange lingua ’ Mass ( see pp. 1767 ) , but in Palestrina and Victoria it is all-pervading , incantatory , the ideal music of mystical faith , totally purged of human emotion ( except occasionally in their motets ) and of human vanity — except the vanity of performers who ( we learn with a shock from Giovanni Bassano 's Motetti , Madrigali el Canzoni Francese di diversi eccellentissimi Auttori …
9 The professor will be a member ex officio of the committee , and will be expected from time to time to hold offices such as that of Chairman of the Committee or Director of Graduate Studies , and in due course to assume the duties of professor in charge of the Institute , which are customarily rotated by arrangement .
10 Vagrant birds of South American origin are reported from time to time on the South Orkney and South Shetland Islands ; their presence indicates repeated possibilities for colonization , but they invariably disappear quickly .
11 The scheme may well now be complete , but revision is recommended from time to time and thought must be given as to how this might be achieved .
12 The doctrine of precedent restrains tribunals and the trial judges in the county courts and in the High Court from digressing into frolics of legal innovation , but even the trial judge will be presented from time to time with issues upon which there are no binding precedents .
13 You will probably be visited from time to time , and in some areas you will get practical help such as toy kits , toy libraries , first aid kits and safety equipment on loan .
14 Moreover , whatever your age , circumstances and financial resources , taking stock is something which must be done from time to time — it is the first step in making decisions .
15 The three departments , however , do use official statistics in the detailed studies which are done from time to time on a one-off basis .
16 I am convinced that zander often shoal up or gather in great numbers when they are not hunting and to come across one of these occurrences as I have done from time to time is an unbelievably exciting experience .
17 There is nothing to stop the parties agreeing , after a dispute has arisen , to refer their dispute to an expert for his determination , and this is done from time to time , in the same way as arbitration agreements .
18 The one I have chosen is this — brief , informal letters , written from time to time as our work proceeds , in a plain , straightforward style , as it might be to a friend .
19 The parents separated from time to time and the father also served a prison sentence .
20 Heavy reclamation walls were built from time to time as the docks were extended seawards and today , the dock estate lies entirely on land reclaimed from the foreshore .
21 We have probably often been guilty of viewing censorship as something that must be imposed from time to time .
22 As the author of this publication , my opinion has been sought from time to time by dealers , other scholars and the auction rooms .
23 Institutions authorised by the Bank of England to carry on a deposit-taking business in this country are required to make contributions to the Deposit Protection Fund as levied from time to time by the Deposit Protection Board .
24 A number of reconstructions were made from time to time , especially under Julius Caesar and Augustus .
25 ‘ All normal programmes were cancelled and brief announcements were made from time to time , interspersed with solemn music , ’ recalls Jean Williams , of Noel 's Court , Catterick Village .
26 Henceforth it was to be seen from time to time on route 16/18 .
27 The king and his brother are seen from time to time , if infrequently — and appear lively and in good health .
28 The princes were seen from time to time when , with a strong guard , they rode through the streets of the City .
29 And that small , dark young man Simon Westward , who was seen from time to time around Knockglen , he was Eve 's first cousin .
30 Govan car sheds were reputedly haunted by a figure which was seen from time to time in a driving compartment of a car but on investigation the figure had disappeared and was nowhere to be found ; the cab was empty yet strangely cold !
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