Example sentences of "[vb pp] at any [num] time " in BNC.

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1 If , as this example suggests , partial word strings of more than two words are necessary to guarantee selection of the correct word-string , then the number of alternative partial word strings that has to be considered at any one time will increase correspondingly , particularly when words are hypothesized from a mid-class input .
2 The maximum , I think we 've ever let at any one time is three of the six units , we 're currently down only to one unit there at Alberney .
3 In this task subjects read a passage in which only one word ( Aaronson and Scarborough , 1976 ) , or a small group of words ( Mitchell and Green , 1978 ) , are presented at any one time .
4 However , the market is not very active , with typically only 0.2% of outstanding bonds being lent at any one time .
5 There are systems in research laboratories which approach this goal but increasing the number of speakers who can be recognised reduces the number of words that can be accepted at any one time .
6 The view of the Pleiades is much more breathtaking with my 7 × 50 binoculars than with the lowest power I can use on my large reflector , because the small field of view with the telescope means that only a small part of the cluster can be seen at any one time .
7 A window lets you control the information that can be seen at any one time .
8 The increase in space ( by thirty per cent ) will allow more of the collection 's 3,000 works to be shown at any one time , particularly relating to the holdings of theatrical designs , ceramics and the forty-four canvases of the 1957 ‘ Meninas ’ cycle .
9 The Department of Transport stressed that only certain stretches of the A66 would be closed at any one time in an attempt to minimise the amount of disruption and keep traffic moving .
10 It would mean that the whole of the potential work force would be employed at any one time .
11 The main drawback of the compose screen is that only two staves are displayed at any one time and it is not possible to smoothly scroll across the page which is divided into set sections .
12 Only 10ha ( 24.7 acres ) of cereal straw or stubble , or 20ha ( 49.4 acres ) of other crop residues may be burnt at any one time .
13 Of course , too much should not be attempted at any one time , and the ideas should not run ahead of our abilities to put them into effect .
14 Abrashes are usually found in monadic and village items , where only small amounts of yarn can be dyed at any one time , and are not a sign of inadequate craftsmanship .
15 What organisational factors need to be taken into account , such as space for working , time , the numbers of children involved at any one time , and how they can make sure nothing important is missed out ?
16 I wanted to know how many different styles were represented at any one time ?
17 As a result , it 's been estimated that not many more than one per cent can be cultured at any one time .
18 All that is required is that the information for five positions is retained at any one time .
19 Each cardholder has a set limit , running to hundreds or even thousands of pounds that can be borrowed at any one time .
20 It is a fact that whatever actions are being taken at any one time , the individuals concerned are rarely , if ever , aware of the effect they may be having on events and the conditions of life in the remote future .
21 But the League stopped the move because Portsmouth already have two players on loan , the maximum allowed at any one time under League rules .
22 The work areas required in main storage are relatively small as only one record is being examined at any one time .
23 Only a small fraction of a bank 's total deposits will be withdrawn at any one time , and banks always make sure that they have the ability to meet their customers ' demands .
24 If hypnotics are prescribed , enough tablets for only a few nights should be given at any one time and the medication stopped once the period of distress is over .
25 These factors help explain some of the reasons why the total number of ACET clients covered at any one time by our on call service in London has more than doubled from 70 in April 1990 to over 150 by March 1991 ; and why the nature of the services required has become so much more sophisticated .
26 These factors help to explain why the total number of clients covered at any one time by our London 24 hour on-call service more than doubled from 70 in April 1990 to 150 by March 1991 ; and why the provision of service has had to become so much more sophisticated .
27 Indeed , in most cases there is no effect at all on the premium as these sort of policies give cover of a type that will not result in a reduced premium just because a few people more or less are covered at any one time in a particular situation .
28 Plant age in plastochrons means the number of such intervals that have elapsed at any one time .
29 The numbers of tame elephants kept at any one time between the eleventh and seventeenth centuries certainly exceeded the entire wild population left in the world today !
30 Its new strategy would include a reduction from three to two in the number of nuclear-weapons-carrying submarines deployed at any one time , and changes in the readiness status of other nuclear weapons .
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