Example sentences of "[vb pp] for a long time " in BNC.

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1 And I realised , well I had realised for a long time that dieting was n't the answer for me .
2 Some learning resources are cheaper than others , and British primary schools have improvised for a long time with the very simplest materials including the discarded packaging of the consumer society .
3 There were two posts allocated for social workers , but these had not been filled for a long time .
4 The low fertility families in social class III had courted for a long time , decided carefully about marriage , moved house seldom , and tended to be upwardly mobile in their jobs .
5 Then he had gone , and the Curator had stared for a long time after him , and then at the golden eagle who stared blankly back at him .
6 Also , the slow course of the disease implied that any drug would have to be given for a long time in order to be effective and so would have to be particularly harmless to patients .
7 In a wide ranging and at times overtly anti-communist speech , described by the Guardian of March 30 as " more measured and specific than any he has given for a long time " , Yeltsin pilloried central government policy , labelling perestroika the " last phase of the stagnation period " .
8 She lost him then and had to search and found him eventually curled up amid the wiring in the back of the record-player where he had n't hidden for a long time , not since two dark-haired people who were into black magic had come to dinner and he had disappeared for half a day until she found his secret hole .
9 You have hidden for a long time , Maggie , and missed so much . ’
10 This has been recognized for a long time .
11 There is one important difference : the Prime Minister and his Cabinet can embark boldly upon their way forward , with electoral considerations banished for a long time to come .
12 Exposed for a long time to moist , saturated , air timber might settle down to a moisture content of 22 per cent or 23 per cent .
13 On a video-film made at Highlander entitled ‘ Save our Land and People , ’ a variety of these groups speak to each other about their own problems and possible solutions , hopes and fears , and I think it is no accident that some of the most beautiful music and evocative songs which I have heard for a long time comes from these people .
14 The kind of music she had not heard for a long time .
15 Historians will be occupied for a long time to come in determining the exact balance and interaction of forces — including , to mention only the more obvious , the economic disaster of the Second World War , the rise of America , and the development of nationalism — which contributed to Britain 's imperial demise .
16 Luke , she knew , would be occupied for a long time yet , drinking coffee with the other women , talking over the day , helping to cement working relationships for the future .
17 Like the plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs , they were successful and varied for a long time , but all three groups failed to survive the Cretaceous .
18 Many people were therefore trapped for a long time .
19 As an apologist , he seems totally blind to the fact that the New Testament is just such a collection of old books , which require , if we are to understand them aright , patience and a willingness to listen to scholars who have meditated for a long time on the nature of the ( often quite puzzling and contradictory ) material which they contain .
20 Two months after the military crackdown in Beijing in June 1989 , it was announced that university student intake would be cut from 640,000 to 610,000 in the next academic year , and that " specialities mainly in the social science fields which the State has deemed for a long time to have turned out personnel not qualified for socialist construction " would be suspended .
21 Finally , the most convincing evidence for residual function in animals comes from studies using very coarse stimuli that are presented for a long time .
22 This has been one of the best Friday debates that I have attended for a long time .
23 The view that aggression is an integral part of human nature has been strongly argued for a long time by exceptionally articulate and persuasive individuals .
24 We have argued for a long time that there is a peripheral argument that in the strategic interests of the nation we should be concerned about the coal industry .
25 This is especially valuable where a job has been done for a long time by the same person .
26 At first he felt more relaxed than he had done for a long time .
27 They are perhaps playing a more prominent part than they have done for a long time .
28 Crawford recalled , ‘ I was thinking : ‘ This is the only work you 've done for a long time .
29 Ah , now this is the one I have n't done for a long time , now this is the one
30 Oh well if you have n't had chi or have n't done for a long time you enjoy them .
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