Example sentences of "[vb pp] it the first time " in BNC.

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1 I remembered Sopworth saying how the cat had no sense of territory , how he 'd only just caught it the first time it escaped , racing north along the A2 .
2 Please note that you do not have to open the rings to put these markers over , though you should after you 've done it the first time , erm , it should become easier with practice , let me put it that way , okay .
3 if I 'd have fed it the first time I 'd have understood it , but I 've only fed it today !
4 It was only when they came out of the rearmost door and found a temporary hut facing them with Radio Room marked on the door , that they realised why they had n't found it the first time .
5 Should have realised it the first time , but that 's what happens when you make assumptions .
6 He had heard it the first time as a child , in his grandfather 's yurt on the Khirgiz , and going to Burun 's quarters had found him awake also .
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