Example sentences of "[vb pp] to [be] [adj] to " in BNC.

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1 They have been designed to be relevant to both small and large organisations in the public and private sectors , and take into account the variations that there will inevitably be in organisations ' approaches to developing their people .
2 The B-2 " Stealth " bomber , which was designed to be invisible to enemy radar , and which had made its maiden flight on July 17 , 1989 [ see p. 36808 ] , continued to arouse controversy during this period , due to its increasing cost ( estimated in February 1990 at $530,000,000 per aircraft ) , and to technical problems .
3 General SVQs are designed to be open to those who are not in work .
4 The elegant slimline desktop case has been designed to be pleasing to the eye , and overall the machine seems to be well finished off .
5 The work is expected to be applicable to the mainstream Unix market as well as real-time embedded systems and high performance parallel processing systems .
6 The poet praises Beowulf by linking his killing of the monster Grendel with the feats of Sigmund , who was clearly expected to be familiar to an English audience .
7 A burst of frequency between 10 and 10 4 Hz is expected with a duration of several cycles and an energy release of between and in gravitational waves from a star core of mass M. The mass M is expected to be similar to that of the pulsars , which average around for the few cases where measurements have been made .
8 You 'll get little change from £40,000 for the 300SE , the 500SE is expected to sell for around £60,000 while the flagship 600SEL ( the short wheelbase model wo n't be sold in Britain ) is expected to be close to £80,000 — £22,500 more than the rival 750iL BMW .
9 The total for 1990 was expected to be close to a record EC$100,000,000 .
10 The standards of cleanliness and hygiene in our feed mills is now expected to be close to human food factories , and this is monitored by the Company 's Quality and Service audits .
11 The relief of strain energy would thus be expected to be proportional to the square of the crack length , or rather depth , and in fact this rough guess is confirmed by calculation .
12 It came from human tissues , and so could reasonably be expected to be harmless to them , unlike the synthetic antibacterial substances such as arsenicals and flavines which were the best known at the time .
13 Preparations to provide mains electricity on Rathlin island are progressing satisfactorily , and supply is expected to be available to consumers in September .
14 Whereas women are frequently family breadwinners ( in contrast with women in white South African society ) , they are otherwise expected to be subordinate to men .
15 People lacking supportive relationships were expected to be prone to depression whether or not they experienced major difficulties or threatening events .
16 Where there was success it was claimed to be due to local outlets and relevant local knowledge .
17 This was claimed to be contrary to the right to property guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment .
18 Computers , especially microcomputers and terminals with monitors , have been claimed to be harmful to the health of the operator because of radioactive emissions although at the present time there does not appear to be any conclusive proof that a real danger to health exists .
19 She was a desperately tiresome female , but I always felt constrained to be pleasant to her merely because she was so uninspiring .
20 But , as he assured Southey on 21 October , he was resolved to be true to his word , even as he contemplated a future with ‘ her , whom I do not love — but whom by every tie of Reason and Honor I ought to love ’ .
21 The analysis has indicated that the sands are variably shaly and some anomalous log responses are considered to be due to the presence of secondary minerals , either as cement or detrital elements .
22 This was considered to be due to the limited involvement of the officers and the clerical assistant in certain parts of the analysis .
23 This was considered to be due to recognition of semantically similar words to those seen in the course of the experiment .
24 This layer of attenuated velocity is known as the low velocity zone and the reduction in seismic wave velocities is considered to be due to partial melting in this region of the mantle .
25 Panov then took the initial solution to be the totally general solution of Szekeres ( 1972 ) , which can be considered to be equivalent to the general solution given here by ( 10.16 ) .
26 The first dilution is prepared and the tube is then emptied , the amount left being considered to be equivalent to one drop .
27 Department or the County Treasurer 's Department is not considered to be relevant to the needs of erm , the County Council , the people of Lincolnshire , and I think it 's reasonable to ask that question , and to hope that erm future conservatives speakers in this meeting , on this paper will give a clear indication as to what will be the effects of a budget reduction .
28 They can therefore be considered to be close to the community they serve and have the potential to be advocates for the health needs of patients .
29 The opening of the Aswan Dam in 1970 was also initially considered to be beneficial to Egypt 's agricultural productivity , as its capacity to control the Nile 's sometimes erratic flow facilitated the conversion of all arable land to perennial cropping .
30 The activity of the solvent can be considered to be equal to the mole fraction of the solvent x 1 .
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