Example sentences of "[vb pp] [conj] [be] [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 She almost asked whether he had not been there the previous Friday but stopped , unsure whether he had forgotten or was deliberately misleading her .
2 I suspect the King was surrounded and was lightly wounded by arrows .
3 Indeed , if the system has been well designed and is well run , it should stimulate demand for more and different types of information .
4 They became scapegoats for crimes committed and were widely bruited as potential subversives .
5 Topics are extremely varied and are often viewed from unusual angles .
6 Other reasons given for not doing courses were varied and were only cited a small number of times .
7 The airframe , apparently in excellent shape , is complete with 1–16 engines installed and is currently displayed in the Pioneer Village Museum located in Nebraska .
8 Bloomiehall Park Seats have now been installed and are much appreciated .
9 Bloomiehall Park Seats have now been installed and are much appreciated .
10 Owing to the crescendo , the 2nd clarinet , when once it has entered , can not be dropped and is therefore carried on .
11 The materials were broken down and thoroughly mixed and were then led into a " back " where the slurry remained for several weeks while the water was gradually drained off .
12 It was reported to him that Lizzy 's hair was still golden , but his MSS book stank ; it had to be disinfected and was eventually burned .
13 But the coroner added that the water system had since been disinfected and was now cleaned out regularly .
14 I found myself superseded by much younger men , and so resigned and was duly pensioned off .
15 He had twice been badly wounded and was still hobbling around with a stick when he was given command of Fort Vaux , the smallest of the forts ringing Verdun but crucial to the defence of the important Fort Souville .
16 Er and Jane has sent us in some proposals , which erm she 's s since modified and is now working on and she 's calling in to see us for half a day in the near future
17 Along the inland , mostly mountainous boundary , despite the efforts of the joint delimitation commission , much remained to be clarified and was still causing difficulties in 1980 .
18 In addition , the investors will be keen to obtain warranties in respect of the business plan and future financial forecasts along the following lines : ( a ) The Business Plan has been carefully prepared in good faith having regard to the information available and the market conditions prevailing at the time of its preparation and the figures contained therein have been carefully considered and are honestly believed to be reasonable and the Managers have made all reasonable enquiries so as to ascertain all such information and conditions which are relevant to the preparation of the forecasts contained therein .
19 If they are mentioned , it is because they have been recommended and are generally regarded as good courses .
20 The wheel was never repaired and was eventually broken up for scrap .
21 Regretfully , this weekend has had to be cancelled as is now living in Malaysia and is unable to fulfil her commitment .
22 Moreover , Cochrane et al. believe that there is considerable potential for increased productivity as new cultivars are developed that are better suited to the relatively poor soils and if irrigation is extended , especially in Brazil .
23 This means that people who have suffered or are currently suffering from schizophrenia need to be able to withdraw from arousing circumstances , but that the extreme understimulation which could sometimes be found in an old-fashioned mental hospital should equally be avoided .
24 If this intercommunication is not properly arranged there will be the familiar symptoms of frustrating reiteration , decisions being misunderstood or being constantly revised , political manoeuvring and even concealment of progress within one or more of the teams .
25 Obviously , the Government share the hon. Gentleman 's pleasure at the fact that the liquidator may well be working out an arrangement with the main shareholders that would mean BCCI 's creditors possibly getting a considerably greater return on what they are owed than was previously thought possible .
26 ‘ I have sometimes thought that more might be done than is commonly attempted in education to familiarise the idea of death to the minds of children by representing it as the grand event for which they were born ; and thus making a future state the object of their chief interest and ambition .
27 Provided that environmental concerns are met and are specifically addressed in the planning process , we believe that output from the opencast sector must be blended with output from the deep-mine sector .
28 One evening Leopold Zborowski , a Polish poet , came to look at the modern paintings exhibited and was immediately taken by Modigliani 's remarkable talent .
29 A smaller-growing , more compact form , the Portland roses , are closely related and are often listed with the Damasks .
30 They especially fear that a bridge across the beck at Iburndale near Whitby is threatened and are now pressing the North Yorkshire highways committee to investigate the problem .
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