Example sentences of "[vb pp] [conj] [is] [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Indeed , if the system has been well designed and is well run , it should stimulate demand for more and different types of information .
2 The airframe , apparently in excellent shape , is complete with 1–16 engines installed and is currently displayed in the Pioneer Village Museum located in Nebraska .
3 Owing to the crescendo , the 2nd clarinet , when once it has entered , can not be dropped and is therefore carried on .
4 Er and Jane has sent us in some proposals , which erm she 's s since modified and is now working on and she 's calling in to see us for half a day in the near future
5 Regretfully , this weekend has had to be cancelled as is now living in Malaysia and is unable to fulfil her commitment .
6 ‘ I have sometimes thought that more might be done than is commonly attempted in education to familiarise the idea of death to the minds of children by representing it as the grand event for which they were born ; and thus making a future state the object of their chief interest and ambition .
7 Thus , further down the chain , demand for low-time pilots and ex-military aircrew has slumped and is not expected to pick up again until the pool of laid-off pilots has been used up , probably in a year 's time .
8 The team was only set up 3 years ago when the rink was built and is now ranked 13th in the country .
9 It was threatened with closure after the demise of the lead-workings , but was saved and is now operated as a tourist service in summer months by British Rail — the only steam line left in the nationalized network .
10 The swing is pushed and is not pushed again until it has come right back to its starting point .
11 However , in this case a decision must be made and is often given on the flimsiest of grounds ( though that is not the fault of the refereeing panel ) .
12 Line A suggested maximum length 60metres ( 200ft ) was made but is not adhered to in practice .
13 In the first the message is received in full and is then given out to the person ; in the second the message is received and is simultaneously translated into the second language .
14 The engine has been overhauled and is now inhibited until needed .
15 Despite this report , the condition is still rarely diagnosed and is not mentioned in standard medical textbooks or taught in our local medical schools .
16 He 's one of the co-architects of the agreement and there is no doubt that his vision , energy , enthusiasm and dedication can not be over emphasized and is deeply appreciated by this union .
17 The material was then taken back to the laboratory , where the real work was undertaken and is still going on .
18 It is simmered slowly after it has been soaked and is usually coated with breadcrumbs before it is sold .
19 A braille option is also supplied and is easily fitted if required .
20 Nowhere is this more apparent than where access to farmland is most easily accomplished and is least organized — in those rural areas which abut directly on to the main centres of the population : the so-called ‘ urban fringe ’ .
21 Our first incinerator which gives us control of our own medical waste disposal has been commissioned and is now operated by a separate Rentokil company Medical Services Incineration Ltd .
22 In such a case , a sideshoot is always used and is literally torn off the parent stem so that a sliver or " heel " of bark and inner tissue is still attached to the cutting .
23 If the bride 's mother has subsequently remarried but is jointly hosting the occasion with the bride 's father : Mr Charles Brown and Mrs David Green … their daughter .
24 Well I do n't know , ha ha have n't you got a position where er as , as we began to , to see last week , there is this radicalization coming in but the , the er i i it 's the peasants who 've moved to the left of the Party , you 're right , that they are inappropriate to this very moderate policy of rent reduction erm a tax on collaborators land is being redistributed and is n't saying right we , i i in the same way that , that Mao was identifying the problem in in , either you , you follow the masses or you , you lead them but , but thereof we are behind them and a sense the Party has got ta recognize that , it 's got ta catch up with the masses and is n't that first paragraph saying look this is the way you should be going , that there are peasants who are redistributing the land and land reform is in effect taking place and that 's what we want to see ?
25 " The changeable international situation , " he said , " has affected and is still affecting Xinjiang 's social stability .
26 An incorrect response should be considered as a response which demonstrates a lack of understanding of the concept(s) being assessed and is not caused by a trivial arithmetic error .
27 The amount of these entitlements has been actuarially assessed and is fully funded by assets held independently of the Group .
28 It 's been restored and is still lived in .
29 It has been much updated and is regularly used by the WI , the youth club , indoor bowls club , and an over 55's club .
30 North Rona , twelve miles to the east , was once populated but is now deserted .
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