Example sentences of "[vb past] it at the time " in BNC.

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1 Not that the organs of perception apprehended it at the time .
2 Ah , I think the Foreign Office was trying to pursue the only sensible policy as it perceived it at the time , right through the entire period , um , since 1965 .
3 Yes , that 's how I perceived it at the time , but I was wrong .
4 The challenge which Gandhi posed to the British , as they perceived it at the time , was not to their consciences but to their authority .
5 Those who saw it at the time have never been able to erase the startling impact that it made when it was given its short-lived British premiere at Sadler 's Wells in 1965 .
6 I was acting out the role of the good , courageous patient as I saw it at the time , while Mr Lennox was no doubt pleased to find me co-operative , free from despair and above all , unemotional .
7 " Creed " was , indeed to some extent how the convert himself saw it at the time : witness the acknowledgement in letters of 1866 and 1867 , that such philosophical tenets are not philosophically demonstrable , but are acceptable as art or for their edifying power or simply as faith .
8 I understood it at the time .
9 ‘ My grandfather had signed his own death warrant , though only my mother knew it at the time . ’
10 ‘ Yes , not that I knew it at the time , of course , else I 'd never have gone . ’
11 One of Leonard 's few memories of his father ( in addition to his monocle , his spats and his hair smelling of Vitalis ) is that of his reading , both privately and aloud , to him and his sister — precious moments that fired the young boy 's imagination and set him , although no one realised it at the time , in the direction of his life 's work .
12 IBM Corp started relaxing its strict accounting practices way back in 1984 , just as the company 's core mainframe business began to lose its impetus , although no-one realised it at the time .
13 A new Hollywood was being born , but no one realized it at the time .
14 I liked it at the time , yes .
15 As one director put it at the time : ‘ I will not allow my social workers , one of whose core values is honesty , to go into people 's houses and behave in a fundamentally deceitful way ’ .
16 She denied it at the time , but soon she realized that those were his inclinations .
17 And you probably had it at the time .
18 ‘ My own family was pretty undistinguished , and Stephen had at any rate a respectable reputation in his own field — though I probably overvalued it at the time .
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