Example sentences of "[coord] over a long [noun] " in BNC.

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1 imply a steady state system or over a long term and if over the long term the rate of addition of material to the sea is equalled by the rate of removal .
2 But cases of die links between different places or over a long period of time are unusual .
3 The result is that conflicts in one set of relationships , over a wide range of society , or over a long period of time , lead to the re-establishment of social cohesion ( 1955 : 2 ) .
4 Conversely , where existing competition is light and the traditional catchment area of the firm large , a wide restraint may be expected to be upheld ; and ( 4 ) a prohibition against accepting instructions from any person who has at any time , or over a long period , been a client of the outgoing partner 's former firm .
5 Each period of observation or each sequence of periods of observation , possibly on different days ( or over a longer period ) will provide a longitudinal ‘ case ’ study of six pupils ' affective responses to computer-assisted learning and non-computer-assisted learning .
6 Trying to convince people the project was worth pursuing was not easy , and over a long period personal time had to be carved out to work on the project from time allocated to a variety of other activities ranging from textile fibres to films and even to electronics .
7 He spoke as though they knew each other well and over a long period .
8 We believe we are doing our bit in this respect , successfully and over a long period , by land . ’
9 As with other aspects of the landscape , it was the slow , largely undocumented social and economic changes that spelt the death of such settlements , not at a single stroke but over a long period .
10 Development of all major new weapons programmes would nevertheless continue but over a longer time span .
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