Example sentences of "[coord] it is [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Whether it is or it is n't does n't matter what does matter is its ' performance and to test this you have to fit the device .
2 But teasing should n't contain too much truth or it is n't teasing any more , it 's … it 's … ’
3 In so doing , any hint of attempted indoctrination , conditioning , manipulation , even influencing and persuading , is misplaced because this dimension can only be grasped in freedom , or it is not grasped at all .
4 Either it is raining or it is not raining .
5 If your hair looks much straighter and flatter than usual the conditioner is either too heavy for your particular type of hair type or it is not washed out properly .
6 If the aim of judicial review is seen as being only the protection of individuals ( whether people or organizations ) , this would suggest and justify standing rules which require the applicant to show that he , she or it is specially affected by what has been done or decided .
7 Or it is merely called ‘ public policy ’ .
8 Now we have the first royal re-marriage and it is barely raising a ripple .
9 D The seller sells as beneficial owner but the seller transfer to the buyer shall contain the following proviso : " Provided Always and it is hereby agreed that the covenants which are implied by the seller transferring as beneficial owner shall not be deemed to imply or warrant that the lessee 's covenants contained in the lease for decoration or repairs have been observed . "
10 Human beings as we know are sexually dimorphic and tha that figure seems to fit the er the , the pattern , but erm women have a lot of characteristics that are peculiar to them , like for example erm more youthful looks , women will retain more youthful looks longer than men do and it is normally regarded as important and a lot of women spend an awful lot of money in the modern society on trying to remain erm looking er looking youthful .
11 The IT industry has been subject to rapid development in recent years and it is confidently expected that this trend will continue .
12 Any opening of oneself psychically , particularly at ancient sites which have a long and largely unknown history , can be hazardous , and it is best undertaken with caution and proper attunement .
13 The Herdwick is the hardiest of all breeds in the Lake District , and it is particularly suited to life in the fells .
14 It has a long history of urban culture as a market centre for a pastoral and agricultural hinterland , as a garrison town and a centre of services and administration , and it is equally placed as the gateway to the Mittelland .
15 Morning coffee and afternoon tea are served here , together with light snacks , and it is already proving a popular meeting place for the ladies of St John 's Wood .
16 We already have the first stage of economic and monetary union — the exchange rate mechanism — and it is already doing great damage to Britain .
17 You have tried to start the offline integrity check using option 9.6.0 — Start Offline Integrity Check — and it is already running .
18 You have tried to start the offline integrity check using option 9.6.0 — Start Offline Integrity Check and it is already running .
19 The local people call the clays salão , and it is traditionally used for covering walls and houses .
20 This stress is not symmetric and it is little used in continuum mechanics , although certain expressions become more compact when it is used .
21 It can now be seen as a deliberate political reaction to the earlier building , and it is even recorded that on its completion in 537 Justinian promised God that he himself had ‘ vanquished Solomon . ’
22 The growth in vocal participation by congregations has lessened the significance of the choir , and it is even viewed in some places as élitist .
23 Today the church looks robust ; and it is even intended to rebuild the long-vanished cloister on the north side .
24 And it is even becoming reliable : 90% of BR 's commuter trains arrive within five minutes of schedule , against only 65% in Germany .
25 The idea that women are more conservative than men is manifestly inadequate to account for all the observed facts , at least in the cultures sociolinguists have studied most intensively , and it is rarely advanced nowadays as an explanation of sex differences .
26 However , segregation of walkers from vehicles provides the greatest safety along routes where vehicle traffic is heavy and it is increasingly realised that this is an appropriate solution too where pedestrian flows are concentrated , such as in central shopping areas .
27 The existence of man 's ability to enjoy beauty is not a contentious subject and it is universally accepted as ‘ good ’ .
28 That view — first expressed six years ago — has now been given effect , and it is universally accepted that students are denied housing benefit and , in the majority of cases , housing support .
29 Cleanliness is a mark of politeness : and it is universally agreed upon , that no one , unadorned with this virtue , can go into company without being offensive .
30 Today the functions of a local authority almost invariably involve the expenditure of money and it is clearly established that a local authority may not spend money unless it has statutory authority to do so .
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