Example sentences of "[coord] it [be] not [verb] " in BNC.

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1 There is some professional resistance , in the sense that people who 've done a lot of work on programming get used to certain sorts of languages , and if you make proposals about teaching some new way of dealing with computers , they throw up their hands in horror , and object that this is going to be inefficient , or it 's not going to prepare people adequately for what goes on in industry , or whatever .
2 and we 'll sort it out ourselves and what they do , if a customer says oh there 's a phone that 's broke , or it 's not working or something like that , they 'll say oh okay we 'll get in touch with the maintenance for you , you see , cos he 's making nowt out of it , if you say we dropped the phone and broke it , well we 'll send a and then they send an engin one of their blokes out with a replacement phone and charge him for a new one , once they say wants some re-programming doing , oh yeah were sending an engineer round and they get , the dealer then gets the money for it so all we get is the flack end of it you know so we , a service contract it 's priced because , low because you know you 're gon na make a bit on moves and changes
3 In so doing , any hint of attempted indoctrination , conditioning , manipulation , even influencing and persuading , is misplaced because this dimension can only be grasped in freedom , or it is not grasped at all .
4 Either it is raining or it is not raining .
5 If your hair looks much straighter and flatter than usual the conditioner is either too heavy for your particular type of hair type or it is not washed out properly .
6 So it 's jargon , it 's assuming people will pick things up as quickly as we have and it 's not recognising that people have different interpretations .
7 Men have a name for girls like you , and it 's not flattering — ’
8 if they alter your round , er and it 's not collecting as much
9 If the weather 's all right and it 's not raining or nothing , I usually go to the garden to help Mr Frost .
10 it 's stopped raining and it 's not raining or anything .
11 Make no mistake , you 're in for a really hard time , and it 's not made any easier by the baddies who wander across the screen .
12 And it 's not made any better by feeling sorry for him .
13 The justification seems to have got lost along the way , but the attitude has prevailed until recently — you could argue about precise dates , but Philip Larkin plumped for 1963 — and it 's not done for yet .
14 But , if I go back and it 's not cleared up it might ruddy come back again !
15 You have another country along that coast , Nigeria , which has just got to the stage where it 's got through its forest and it 's not exporting anything at all , if anything it 's importing .
16 And it 's not earning us anything in there , but mind you erm it sometimes during the week where erm the tables are full of a load of papers and what have you where I 've been doing paper work and that
17 she 'll not have much of an appetite , because that bit 's not working properly , and it 's not getting a chance to go through her
18 so , so it 's not gon na be there , and unfortunately it 's going to take a while , because we 're in such a deep recession and recession is bad , and it 's not getting any better
19 And it 's not taking you as much time either .
20 I 've been using RapidCad for a month or so and It 's not given me the slightest problem .
21 Life 's a nightmare unless you can laugh , and it 's not use documenting the down side of reality unless you can smile , dance and live enough to make it all worthwhile .
22 And it 's not gon na be easy to get him outta the country … .
23 If it 's man and wife arguing , or man , female arguing , and they 're the only two in this place , and I 'm satisfied that it 's gon na be quiet , and there 's no injuries to each other and it 's not gon na flare up , then that 's a domestic , that you can be quite happy with .
24 Yes I mean issue with illegitimate children or his affair means that I mean even the line he was running is okay because I 'm rich so it 's not gon na and it 's not gon na and so he 's got these two sort of values , that if you are a single parent and you 're poor that makes you lesser and more immoral than if you were a single parent and you 're rich .
25 And it 's not gon na be before April .
26 And it 's not gon na cost anything so the
27 But they also say in the alternative that that since the plaintiffs themselves were at this time by mid to late October of nineteen eighty five , not ready or able to complete it would have been improper erm for the defendant to advise the plaintiffs to serve a special notice to complete and my Lord the question that therefore arises er whether , even if that were correct , er and it 's not admitted that it is , that exonerates the defendants from given the advice er and whether they should still have advised the plaintiff erm of the opportunity which was open to him , that the plaintiff could if necessary take that course himself or be advised to go er elsewhere and be advised independently is er this is , this the point of the matter which he regarded as improper and was not willing to do it on the plaintiff 's behalf .
28 And it 's not meant to be a joke .
29 They had got used to living in Brighton , and saw no reason to uproot themselves , but one of their tutors took them aside and said , ‘ Look , this place has n't got a proper research library , and it 's not going to get one .
30 ‘ They asked to be on it and it 's not going to do us any harm to have Slash and Ozzy on the new album , is it ?
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