Example sentences of "[coord] it is [verb] [that] " in BNC.

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1 discretion or it is hoped that pupils would be afforded the opportunity to make their own , if
2 If they are placed in secondary roles , or it is assumed that women 's identity is to be found in mothering , then the fact of their presence reinforces a certain understanding of the feminine .
3 A strict auction is appropriate if there are a considerable number of interested parties or it is known that there are several parties determined to acquire the business .
4 The extent to which these problems will be tolerated , and the measures adopted for dealing with them , will vary from school to school , and it is accepted that it would be impossible to lay down precise rules about the steps to be taken .
5 Library use is never evenly distributed throughout the stock , and it is accepted that some stock categories will only be used by a small number of readers .
6 The outlook is not entirely bleak and it is reckoned that of those who enrol at a clinic , for whatever reason , about 40 per cent will be drug-free within ten years , although within that time , too , 15 per cent of opiate addicts may well be dead .
7 Once a Bill or a proposed measure requiring parliamentary approval enters the lists and it is realised that an environmental impact assessment must be produced , and once it is decided to commission an environmental impact assessment it becomes public property .
8 The plan will be implemented regionally and it is realised that the regional priorities may vary from the national .
9 Because of ethical considerations no placebo group was established and it is conceded that this inevitably limits the strength of overall conclusions made .
10 These are usually agreed jointly by the Countryside Commission and local authorities , and it is intended that strict development control should be applied within them .
11 Specially trained BT staff will also be on hand to advise those who are suffering from nuisance calls , and it is intended that self-help groups will be set up by people who have been victims themselves .
12 Feedback from those attending was positive and it is intended that , after some refining , the workshops will be made available to all colleges .
13 Two officers whose term of secondment came to an end in the course of the year were replaced by promotions from within the Library 's staff , and it is intended that this pattern should continue when the remaining officer returns to the Scottish Office in due course .
14 Your Board is confident that the plan for restructuring the Group will result in a more streamlined , flexible and dynamic organisation and it is intended that it be carried through as fast as possible .
15 When the new system is introduced the caretaking staff will not be amongst those identified as operators and it is intended that these revised hours will assist caretaking staff by freeing them for more appropriate duties .
16 Although it is recognised that performance review must be tailored to local circumstances , generalisations can be made and it is intended that a good practice guide be drawn up based on experience to date .
17 Future tapes will provide information on wine and then meat and it is intended that ultimately all specialist areas will be covered . .
18 It was threatening to resume bombing on the mainland and it is suspected that the closures were linked with indirect negotiations to induce them to change their intention .
19 A common observation has been that there are soils in which some diseases never seem to occur and it is presumed that microorganisms that are antagonistic to pathogens naturally occur in these ‘ suppressive soils ’ .
20 The McGuires had another son and daughter , Hugh and Jacobina , but little is known of them and it is presumed that they both died young .
21 However , once managerial utility depends not just on income but also on effort , and it is recognized that cost reductions require a non-trivial amount of effort , it is clear that the monetary incentive will not lead to costs falling automatically to the efficient level .
22 The Revenue 's tactics in such cases have recently inspired headlines in the national press , and it is understood that the Accounts Investigation Interviews manual suggests that the inspector should establish a deliberately austere atmosphere during such a meeting .
23 the long-standing problem with the Mercury cables under the ballast seem to be resolved and it is understood that these are being moved now and the route could be clear within days .
24 They will now be moved into one of the three remaining homes for the elderly on the city 's west bank and it is understood that staff will also be deployed at these units .
25 Should any question arise , however , the Registrar has a discretion ( under Land Registration Rules 1925 , r290(1) ) to allow inspection of the filed transfer and it is understood that such discretion would be exercised if any difficulty could be resolved by production of the filed transfer .
26 That prospect now seems to have moved significantly closer , and it is understood that both LEEL and Locate in Scotland are involved in discussions with several suppliers about the Bathgate site .
27 They are known as the five ancestors , and it is hinted that they were the original founders of the present-day Triad secret societies .
28 Within Catholic thought these different positions of men and women tend to be thought ‘ natural ’ , and it is contended that the same gender arrangements are to be found in all known human societies .
29 Before the dropping of the atomic bombs , the Americans had feared that the Russians would not honour their pledge to join the war against the Japanese , and it is believed that the Allied forces were held back in Europe , so that the Russian troops could advance through the eastern part of Europe into Czechoslovakia .
30 They modernised the mill and it is believed that it became the first in Britain to make paper from wood , ie : the first Natron-cellulose pulp mill in Europe .
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