Example sentences of "[coord] [pers pn] is not [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Matching the job to the person will ensure that he or she is not overloaded and makes an effective contribution to the enterprise .
2 The first do n't is not to believe that the child is lazy because he or she is not managing to spell .
3 The Board is obliged to publicise the escrow account the balance of which is paid to the person if he or she is not convicted or at the end of the five year period .
4 From birth , the baby and infant imbibes moral values and learns to control instinctual wishes so that he or she is not chastised by parents , or other agents of socialization .
5 If one suppresses the name , one does not suppress the rest of what is reported , so it is reported that someone , or perhaps more than one person who has been defamed , has done something in the course of the case and it may be that he or she is not known to the public and is of no interest to the public .
6 However , as with every part of the curriculum , there is a wider perspective to be taken into account , and that is the fact that there is a limit on what an individual teacher can achieve if he or she is not working in harmony with the rest of the school .
7 In so doing , any hint of attempted indoctrination , conditioning , manipulation , even influencing and persuading , is misplaced because this dimension can only be grasped in freedom , or it is not grasped at all .
8 Either it is raining or it is not raining .
9 If your hair looks much straighter and flatter than usual the conditioner is either too heavy for your particular type of hair type or it is not washed out properly .
10 Before writing The First Wives Club , she was an author of children 's books ( and she is not telling who ) ; before that , a marketing executive , a role , she says , which instructed her in the ‘ fear and loathing ’ with which corporate America regards women , and the depths to which it will stoop to deny them equal status .
11 I think we have to recognise Angela 's concern if er a subject area that she 's trying to present , present and she is not precluding you from doing what you 've got
12 He/she will check that the mare has passed all her afterbirth and she is not damaged as a result of foaling .
13 She is not afraid of me , and she is not crying .
14 She smiles but her face is strained , and she is not smiling at me .
15 Joseph said : ‘ Well , just make sure you impress on her that I had nothing to do with any murder and she is not to suggest it . ’
16 Right , second baby has a P K U gene from his mum and a normal gene from his dad and he is not affected , but he is a P K U carrier , right , third baby gets a normal gene from his mum and a P K U gene from his dad and he 's the same , or she 's the same P K U carrier , but not affected , unfortunately the last baby gets a P K U gene from , from mum and a P K U gene from dad and this baby has got P K U and that is a simple , simple sort of exercise of how genetic disorders sometimes appear and sometimes do n't
17 This might be to speed the job up to earn a larger bonus or to create some leisure time during the working shift , or to slow the job down so that an impression of busy-ness is created and he is not given further work .
18 The other point which is made by the defendant is this , he says that the plaintiffs have been guilty of delaying tactics er during the course of this litigation , the result of which has been that er he has not been able to realize his interest in the partnership premises , also he has not been able to acquire a partnership premises and he he , doctor mentioned to me that to the actual conveyance of the partnership premises he 's , he tells me was only produced I think thirty and er that er it was only then that he realized there might be a chance that he could acquire the premises for himself , but he says that er because of the general , I think the case is , because of the general conduct of the plaintiffs in delaying the trial of the action one way or another , er the practical effect has been that the plaintiffs have had the benefit of use and occupation of the premises at which he erm , a main view , has a lot of that interest and that they are getting benefit of the kind from that occupation and he is not getting any money in res in respect of that , at least nothing like any market rent because it maybe that there is a fairly small er payment being made , but I 'm not too entirely clear whether that is the case or not , but the stock bond is suggesting that the plaintiffs have been obtaining benefit of the use of the premises at his expense and in those circumstances it is unfair er in , in , or otherwise not appropriate that the plaintiffs should be entitled to obtain interest on their bill of costs , in respect essentially of the period of delay , and when I say period of delay included that the period during which the forward of Mr Justice remained erm unprotected .
19 Number twelve , under Healthmaster , the income will be paid if the illness or accident prevents the insured from following B , any part of his normal occupation and he is not undertaking any other paid employment .
20 Mr X is the settlor , and he is not domiciled , resident or ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom .
21 It being of no use for the master to say that the merchandise belongs to the owner of the ship because he can not be believed upon his word ; and he is not believed on his word when he declares that the ship belongs to the bourgeois and that there is no point to the charter party for the above stated reasons .
22 And he is not going to be too keen on you continuing with your career , either , ’ she 'd added warningly .
23 Lucker points out that his contract comes to a close in Chicago and he is not being paid for anything he is n't doing , and he is not doing anything he is n't paid for .
24 And he is not talking .
25 But the logic of this point of view is not compelling , and it is not supported by the data .
26 It is quite simple : to acquire contemplation means much time and hard work , and it is not given to anyone any time anyhow , even though its possession brings unspeakable joy .
27 While senior officials recognize this as a problem requiring constant monitoring , the level of anxiety about it remains low , and it is not seen as the forerunner of a future threat .
28 There is no externally-based explanation for this , as there is no sign of [ j ] -deletion as a known process in the history of Ulster dialect , and it is not favoured by RP , which on the contrary replaces the [ j ] of [ j ] -deleting dialects ( Trudgill , 1974 ; Wells , 1982 ) .
29 ‘ We both know why I 'm here and it is not to claim some long-lost family . ’
30 And it is not priced in the luxury category — it costs just £249 plus VAT to install Cozydry in any bathroom .
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