Example sentences of "[coord] [pers pn] is [adv] [that] " in BNC.

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1 Judge Donald Herrod added : ‘ This is a very dramatic turn of events and it is right that this prosecution should not continue . ’
2 It is right that students be initiated into the conceptual apparatus , skills and ways of going on within the teacher 's own discipline ; and it is right that students therefore acquire the discipline required for the necessary understanding and competencies .
3 The PAC wants hard and fast information , and it is right that it should .
4 The Engineering Employers Federation says that its members ’ strongly support the Government 's objective of providing a balanced and effective framework of trade union and industrial relations law ’ and that ’ the step by step approach has been seen by all to have worked successfully and it is right that it should continue . ’
5 He insisted that no decisions about future spending had been taken , but he believed that it was right ‘ that there should be a widespread review and it is right that there should be a big debate . ’
6 Press hostility to this idea was scarcely free of self-interest , but there were bigger issues at stake and it is right that they prevailed .
7 In fact , language , through abstraction , is a much more efficient form or communication and possesses much more control over its interpretation , and it is rather that this difference in evocation is less likely to be evident in artefactual symbolism than in linguistic symbolism .
8 Just as important as establishing what to include is deciding what to exclude , and it is here that the purists may find cause to tar and feather us .
9 ‘ It is a bedrock of traditional liberalism to build on and it is here that we are likely to see the most substantial progress of all .
10 It also includes accepting responsibility for one 's own family , and it is here that the burden of active citizenship is liable to fall disproportionately on women .
11 At this point , someone might rightly argue : ‘ I happen to live on earth , and it is here that I want to have a happy marriage ! ’
12 The world of the imagination is limitless and it is here that the mind must be freed , but it must also be given the spur of inspiration .
13 Another commonly-accepted indication of intelligence is the way animals deal with the unpredictable contingencies of their world through learning ; and it is here that our intuition tells us that we must be dealing with something very like intellect .
14 The bottom line is the way it sounds , and it is here that the Ariston CD3 accumulates most of its brownie points .
15 The justice of his interpretation of the fascist state has been , and is , fiercely disputed , and I will not discuss it.i For its contours are set by Poulantzas ' more general conception of the state , and it is here that he is most explicit in trying to put Althusser 's theory to work .
16 The wastelands are inhabited by all kinds of monstrous creatures and it is here that the armies of Chaos gather their strength .
17 The Imperial Gunnery School at Nuln is the biggest cannon foundry in the world , and it is here that the Emperor 's gunners receive their training .
18 Adjusting the output of existing products and rapidly expanding the share of new ones , requires flexibility in the labour market and it is here that the Japanese have even bigger advantages .
19 The Manor is sited in pleasantly wooden grounds and it is here that Alford truly comes to life on Spring and August Bank Holiday weekends .
20 The ‘ Second ’ Prokofiev Sonata comes first on the disc — in its original guide as a flute sonata it dies predate the First Sonata — and it is here that Hardy and Devos really distinguish themselves .
21 Bordered by desert , the Mediterranean and the Red Sea , this densely populated country is concentrated along the Nile , away from the blistering heat of the hinterland , and it is here that the great monuments to the country 's past civilisation lie .
22 The ovum passes into the fallopian tubes ( hair-like tubes running from the ovaries to the uterus ) and it is here that the egg may be fertilised .
23 And it is here that we come to the nub , theoretically , of the problem with Adorno 's whole approach to listening Dick Bradley ( n.d. ) points out that within a Marxist framework production and consumption can not properly be given the near-identity which Adorno attributes to them .
24 The London Daily Telegraph of 25 August 1887 , under the heading " A Sailors ' Association " chose to deal at length with the birth of the union , praising its objects , but predicting its early demise : " The North Country " , the article read , " was always the nursery of the famous and best seamen and it is here that we find Jack hard at work originating a fine scheme .
25 Murphy 's Law , naturally , decrees that only the important , urgent or totally trivial jobs will get into difficulties and it is here that the bureau can really play its part .
26 All connections to the tablet are at the rear and it is here that one of the differences between Touchmaster and its rivals become obvious .
27 Meaning is not an issue that arises for the Russian Formalists , and it is here that they differ most fundamentally from the American New Critics with whom they otherwise have so many similarities .
28 One problem is that we do not necessarily know what a particular wavefunction looks like , and it is here that the LCAO approach to the construction of molecular orbitals is very useful .
29 However , this says nothing about coordination between agencies and it is here that one could point to the possible role of networks as well .
30 At this stage , Browns Lane has not given up hope of getting rear seats into the convertible , but it is proving a hard task , and it is probably that only the coupe will be a two-plus-two .
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