Example sentences of "[coord] [pers pn] [be] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 Be assured however that if I can in any manner contribute to the success of your efforts , either by the proposal of questions for discussion , or subjects for Papers or giving my opinions on any part of the Veterinary Art which you may think proper to investigate I shall at all times feel myself honored by the request , & I am persuaded that Mr Sewell will be most happy to ( ? add ) his exertions in any way congenial to your wishes .
2 She knew , or she was persuaded that she knew , where he was bound .
3 Miss Logan lost count of the times their luggage was detained , or they were told that a buyurulda or special permit would be necessary in addition to the tezkare they had already procured ; but Miss Fergusson , with assistance from a dragoman whose own brief display of independent thought had been snuffed out early on , harried , demanded and succeeded .
4 discretion or it is hoped that pupils would be afforded the opportunity to make their own , if
5 If they are placed in secondary roles , or it is assumed that women 's identity is to be found in mothering , then the fact of their presence reinforces a certain understanding of the feminine .
6 A strict auction is appropriate if there are a considerable number of interested parties or it is known that there are several parties determined to acquire the business .
7 In the eighteenth century the scales of justice could be tilted in favour of a relative or friend , or it was feared that this was the case , unless strong interest was made in behalf of a litigant in order to ensure equity .
8 But he 's also saying is n't he at the end of this paragraph , or he 's implying that th this is this revolution is not happening because we the communists are making it happen , it is happening and we need to react to it and somehow we 've therefore got a choice , we can either trail behind or we can lead it .
9 At the time of writing I am involved , as I mentioned , in some surveys of visitors to the British Museum and I am hoping that we shall be able to get some schools who had had organized visits to the museum , to obtain essays about the visit from the children involved .
10 er and of course I 've known Walter for years but I do n't know his wife , I 've never met his wife and of course not being able to get out into the street now , I should get out for about two years after I lost my husband and then I got this er awful pain nobody knows unless they have it er this arthritis in my knees , you see , and erm and then I found that it was too much for me to er otherwise I used to walk up to the post box road and I used to count the steps , three hundred and something steps there and three hundred and something back , you see , and to the front door , you see , but I , I ca n't do it now but I have with help and I went out last year with er Mrs and er twice we went to Dulwich which I enjoyed and so did she and the last time we went to and er we had our lunch and we went to see my cousins at West Suffolk and and , and then came home again , you see , and that 's the only time I went out last year and usually I used to go to for a day and I am hoping that if I , I am hoping , well you can only hope , that I might perhaps go so out one Sunday , once , just once in the , you see , because er , th that 's when when you 're old you 've got to keep , you 've got to hope for something
11 This means that there will be no restriction on the number of places available and I am hoping that as many parents as possible will come and so help to make a real occasion of it .
12 Nevertheless , the inflow of complaints continues to grow and I am disturbed that we have not yet been able to make much of an inroad into the backlog of work .
13 We take great pride in the rich heritage and tradition of our the brands , and I am determined that we will preserve and develop their strength with consumers all around the world .
14 I made inquiries about the press conference and I am assured that it had nothing to do with this matter .
15 The first decision — and I am assuming that you are choosing the frame before the pressed flower design has been created — is to decide what shape of picture you want .
16 ‘ The man is saying that you keep the noise down , and I am saying that you do what the man says . ’
17 At the end of the public road is a notice prohibiting cars from going further , and I am told that the new owners of the Killilan estate are enforcing this ban fairly strictly but not in all cases .
18 And I am told that it is not advisable to use the same batch of acid for etching copper as has been used for etching zinc because the deposits of two metals in the acid creates erm an unpleasant , noxious , possibly poisonous gas and I do n't know what that would do .
19 It appears that the next stage is to look for suitable sites and I am told that you will be able to provide us with a large scale map of the area for this purpose .
20 There was always political sparring around the bar when these two people were present and I am told that not many rounds were bought , but many rounds were fought .
21 And I am told that another Metro got similar treatment in Newtownards on that Friday evening .
22 Sage is currently re-vamping the online help system to make it context sensitive , and I 'm hoping that they 'll also look at idiot proofing and the application of the Windows interface .
23 and I 'm hoping that the local authority will start coming across with a bit of work for me .
24 And I 'm hoping that they get that letter , you seeing them weekend .
25 Now I did bring a film along for you see and I 'm hoping that it 's going to work .
26 But fundamentally what succeeds is what keeps people listening or watching and so forth , and I 'm suggesting that that 's something to do , it , it 's something to do with being interesting and relevant and catching the imagination of that particular audience group .
27 And I 'm recommending that we get er Terry to fix them .
28 If they were n't , and I 'm told that it was Babes In Toyland who were full of doughnuts , then what 's their excuse for sounding like this ?
29 Well , if the weather stays fine you 'll find plenty of nice walks , and I 'm told that the house at Otters ' Bay is comfortable enough these days .
30 I 'm , I 'm under pressure for two decisions , Paul is here to speak to his paper and has to be in Sandwell at two o'clock , and I 'm told that the canteen closes at one thirty .
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