Example sentences of "[coord] [noun sg] of [noun] over " in BNC.

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1 During the heyday of the fair it was the right of every villager to brew and sell his own beer , and he advertised the fact by hanging a branch or piece of greenery over his door .
2 The triangle ACB measures the social profit or excess of benefits over costs from such an output expansion .
3 Town planning stood to gain accordingly , even if the years between the wars showed no great practical advance in the design , layout and building of towns over what had been achieved before .
4 In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century the fabric of mid-Victorian hegemony was shattered by a series of structural contradictions , from economic retardation and industrial unrest , to growing socialist and feminist political militancy and intensification of anxiety over a whole range of social issues .
5 The relation between the theory and practice of perspective over the next four centuries is examined in detail .
6 The research should contribute not only to knowledge about the degree and type of control over this area of professional practice but also provide information on aspects of general medical services which have given cause for complaint .
7 … in every Department a store of knowledge and experience in the subjects handled , something which eventually takes shape as a practical philosophy , or may merit the title of a departmental philosophy … in most cases the departmental philosophy is nothing more startling than the slow accretion and accumulation of experience over the years …
8 The move demonstrated the irritation felt by the Prince and Princess of Wales over the media barrage they faced during their tour of South Korea this week .
9 Leaving aside the numerous examples of the rise and fall of parties over the past century , there are many instances of change even in the relatively short period of time since the end of the Second World War .
10 The main purpose of the project is to investigate the architecture , furniture , and equipment of dwellings over the whole range of Scottish society , looking at large-scale buildings like castles and tenement blocks and also at small cottages and council houses .
11 Effectively , the legislature agreed to forego the extended debate and process of negotiation over appropriations that normally occurred .
12 Thus the decorative sumptuousness of the no longer oppositional , visual arts was matched by monumentalism , baroque self-indulgence , and primacy of symbol over function in Vienna 's built environment .
13 For sex , argues Foucault , is the pivot of two axes along which the whole technology of life developed : it was the point of entry to the body , to the harnessing , identification and distribution of forces over the body ; and it was the entry to control and regulation of populations .
14 Casually trailing something black and sort of flimsy over the chairback .
15 It had been reported to the Committee by schools operating such a series of tests that the motivation of their pupils was increased because tests at different levels provide both an incentive and evidence of progress over several terms .
16 Siddhis are the powers which can be added on to basic TM such as levitation , extra-sensory perception , telepathy , telekinesis , spiritual healing and control of mind over body .
17 Even some in new houses now want to move out because of the construction works , traffic congestion , and a general decline in the image and attractiveness of Docklands over the past three years .
18 Rowing was transformed in the breadth and depth of participation over the 30 years of his term .
19 The HP4 requirement refers to the additional land to be allocated to ensure an adequate supply and choice of land over the Structure Plan period 1984–96 .
20 UNDERSTANDABLY there has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the demise of West Malling ( West Malling Lament , October issue , et al ) but I am amazed that the people most affected by its loss made no attempt to save it from destruction .
21 As Table 33 of Appendix 1 shows , when people were asked what factors they judged important in deciding on a particular type of credit they had chosen recently , the rate of interest was judged least important among the five factors suggested ( the others were cost of credit , convenience , amount of payment , and length of time over which payments are spread ) .
22 None the less , viewers seemed to resent their lack of choice and lack of control over what they saw .
23 The output from this stage represents the geographical distribution and intensity of emissions over the region .
24 For Firestone the alternative is to supplant Freudianism ( and , by extension , psychotherapy ) with an explicit acknowledgement of socially constructed and reproduced power ; especially power of men over women and power of parents over children .
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