Example sentences of "[coord] [noun sg] [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 In the garden , mound peat or peat substitute over the pots .
2 This provided valuable winter fodder for animals taken indoors or kept in pens or crew yards over the winter , when the grass in the pasture had stopped growing .
3 To make certain that the worms can not escape , put a piece of wire or plastic gauze over the drain-age holes .
4 Remove the lens cap only when shooting , and fit a plain glass or polaroid filter over the lens to provide a first line of defence for its delicate surface .
5 Fit a plain glass or polaroid filter over the lens
6 FANS of vintage road and rail transport over the ages will be descending on Somerset this weekend when the West Somerset Railway stages its sixth annual Steam Fayre and Vintage Vehicle Rally at Bishops Lydeard station .
7 Negotiations on the formation of an East German government were accompanied by great controversy in both East and West Germany over the terms for the introduction of German monetary union .
8 Sprinkle the grated cheese and sesame seeds over the top and bake for 30–35 minutes until crisp and golden on top .
9 However , the increasing interest in discourse and text analysis over the last ten years has sharpened awareness of some crucial differences .
10 In rats with combined treatment with indomethacin and cyclosporin A over the same period cyclosporin A blood concentrations were significantly higher than in rats treated with the corresponding dose of cyclosporin A only ( Fig 4 ) .
11 The requirement of the [ draft ] FRS that issue costs are reflected in the amounts charged to the profit and loss account over the term of a capital instrument is not intended to prohibit the subsequent charging of issue costs to the share premium account by means of a transfer between reserves .
12 Goodwill arising on consolidation before 1st April 1985 and arising after 1st April 1990 is amortised through the profit and loss account over the directors ' estimate of its useful economic life .
13 Any surpluses or deficits in the pension schemes identified by periodic actuarial valuations are taken to the profit and loss account over the remainder of the expected service lives of current employees .
14 The cost of these schemes is charged to profit and loss account over the service lives of employees in
15 The capital element of future rentals is treated as a liability and the interest element is charged to profit and loss account over the period of the leases in proportion to the balances outstanding .
16 3D CRICKET ( ) have been highly successful with their artificial pitches and practice systems over the years .
17 Though the economic situation has now somewhat improved , it has affected both government expenditure and living standards over the entire decade .
18 For , although the Institute has provided undergraduate teaching and postgraduate supervision over the years , it has never offered a degree course in the History of Art in the manner of other British universities with outstanding collections , such as Glasgow , Manchester , London or East Anglia .
19 Royal Bank of Scotland has decided from 1 October 1991 , and in line with market practice and the Association of British Insurers ' SORP , to defer acquisition expenses relating to new and renewed motor and household policies over the period during which the premiums are earned , generally 12 months .
20 They were largely concerned with population and household predictions over the period to 1981 and the possibilities that existed for redistribution .
21 In previous years , the group limited acquisition expenses deferment to commission paid to the agent introducing creditor business and to transaction charges paid on the collection of motor and household premiums over the terms of the policies .
22 They scattered drugs and lab equipment over the floor , and opened a fridge door containing radioactive materials marked ‘ dangerous ’ .
23 Pour the mushrooms and garlic butter over the beans and toss gently .
24 Despite his minimal role in the preparation of the rising , he immediately began to take executive action , raising the Legionnaires ' wages by one peseta per day and broadcasting speeches over the radio .
25 The percentage growth in both sales and group profits over the period from 1985 are impressive but its objectives to the end of this decade and half way through the next are even more so , especially since a clear and detailed strategy for its achievement is firmly in place .
26 We 'll be reporting on the progress of the garden and swimming pool over the next two months .
27 In the judgement of two recent historians of British transport , the increased supply and quality of road and waterway transport over the eighteenth century are " perhaps the most important part of the build-up of the general facilities of the economy — what economists call its infrastructure — and are therefore to be regarded as a preparation for general economic advance " .
28 Investing £6,300 million in our trunk road and motorway network over the next three years , concentrating particularly on bypasses .
29 The CRE is investigating possible breaches of race relations and education laws over the region 's testing of black and Asian children with suspected learning difficulties for special needs education .
30 Third , an analysis of the inflow and outflow rates over the regions of the U K will be carried out .
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