Example sentences of "[v-ing] [conj] it [be] [adv] " in BNC.

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1 Either it is raining or it is not raining .
2 How ancient this thought is we can see by noticing that it is just the figure Plato used in The Republic to supply his political myth justifying political inequality ( Bk .
3 Well I had learnt shorthand and typing at school but erm the money was necessary at home you see , and er with my sister working there , at H and T Hornes , er she spoke for me and er I had an interview and and they put me up in the nursery , we used to call it the nursery see because we were all fourteens up there and er then they called it the cylinder shop and er my foreman was a fella name Archie and erm everything was very very strict indeed , we could not move away from our board you could n't speak to the next one that was working by you , and er there was a fella named Mr and he was he , I did n't work for him I worked for Mr , but some you cou you were afraid to move because of this man and he he he 'd stare at you and he 'd look at you and anyway erm they put me assembling and it was very interesting indeed , there was a tall stand on , we called it the bench , a tall stand with a screw on the top and then to as begin to assemble the locks you had to take what we would call the body , screw it into the er little on the stand and then we had tweezers , there were , in the body there were five springs and then you had to have five breast pins and when you got the springs in you .. we have to have a plug at the back so as we could put each pin and push the plug over that a dummy plug we called it and so that was five pins were in and then there was a ball er when that , when we came to put it in our vice , we had to put the V I C E not V O voice .
4 When Sophie did these vaccinations in the pet shop Mr Miller held each patient so firmly and expertly that the recipient hardly noticed was was happening until it was over , but in the surgery it was sometimes traumatic .
5 Yet this is exactly what is happening and it is also happening with the schools in a reactive stance .
6 Well , I think we should tell national office that this is , you know , this is happening and it 's not on !
7 Something was happening and it was so pleasurable she did n't want it to fade .
8 On the preliminary issue the judge dismissed the application holding that a local authority could sue for libel in respect of its governing or administrative reputation even though no financial loss was pleaded or alleged , that where a local authority instituted proceedings in reliance on section 222(1) of the Local Government Act 1972 it was for the local authority to decide on the expediency of litigating and it was not the court 's function to do so on an application to strike out , and that since the words complained of reflected on the local authority itself in the management and rectitude of its financial affairs , the statement of claim did disclose a cause of action against the defendants .
10 And I saw it and everybody in the whole room saw it and burst out laughing cos it was so funny .
11 You 'd be walking if it was n't for me .
12 And they 'll check that out for you and we 'll see what 's happening but it 's just in case there 's any arthritis or anything like that that 's
13 The expansion of forestry by means of a policy of attrition and isolation of farms is occurring but it is not necessarily a process which in the long term will lead to a reasonable balance of land use .
14 Never went out till Friday because it was , they went walking but it was so windy cos they 're here and the garden 's sort of down to a field and then it 's all fields and fields and fields and the wind just comes across like gales all the time .
15 And we just lay on the floor laughing because it was just getting from bad to worse .
16 I carry on walking till it 's really dark and all the cars have got their lights on .
17 That section states that a person convicted of taking without consent is liable to pay compensation for any — and I emphasise that word — damage to the property ’ occurring while it was out of the owner 's possession ’ and that such damage is to be treated as ’ having resulted from the offence , however and by whomsoever' the damage was caused . ’
18 At the end of the road the huge bulk of the church with its soaring walls of smoke-blackened brick looked as much out of keeping as it was out of scale with this small domestic self-sufficiency .
19 I finished painting when it was too dark to see and later , in the nearest pub , I asked myself why I find water the most satisfying of all foregrounds. what follows gives some of the answers .
20 September is one of my favourite months for walking as it 's invariably cooler — and wetter , it 's true ! — yet the days are still long and it 's easier to avoid the crowds .
21 ‘ Jason was here when I came , proving that it 's not what a player costs but what he does that counts . ’
22 However , his distressed natural fabrics are an eerily beautiful choice for the contemporary aesthete , proving that it 's not always necessary for fashion designers to be timelords too .
23 Basses by Bernie Goodfellow Proving that it 's extremely difficult to keep a good bassmaker down , here are the latest offerings from the hands of Bernie Goodfellow …
24 ‘ An Aching And A Longing ’ , Martyn 's previous album on his own label , has to date sold over 30,000 copies in the UK , proving that it is still possible to achieve success via the traditional workaholic route .
25 The burden of proving that it was not reasonably practicable would appear to fall on the defendant .
26 This saddles the defendant with the task of proving that it was not practicable that the procession should have been postponed .
27 Contrary to some of the conclusions drawn from social scientific research suggesting that it is primarily home or family backgrounds that determines the level of educational performance , Edmonds proceeds to identify those characteristics of effective schools delivering marked improvements in children 's educational achievements .
28 One response to this has been to challenge the position of the majority in the province by suggesting that it is not the population of the province who should decide the issues at stake but the population of the whole of Ireland .
29 Will he give at least gentle guidance to LEAs suggesting that it is not reasonable for students to be excluded from discretionary grants merely because their parents have moved home ?
30 This difference does not interact with junction , F(9,50)=1.01 , suggesting that it is largely a general improvement rather than one related to aspects of individual junctions .
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