Example sentences of "[v-ing] [conj] [pron] [be] [adv] " in BNC.

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1 Either it is raining or it is not raining .
2 In January he was in hospital , hotly denying that anything was really wrong with him .
3 They include , to give just a few examples , realizing that they have re-read the same page of a book three times without taking any of it in ; nearly getting knocked over crossing the road ; yelling ‘ Tie ! ’ at a pupil they do n't know ; noticing that they are both reading a magazine and watching the television while having their evening meal ; spotting the line of empty wine bottles that has accrued since the weekend .
4 And DM shoes — I do n't wear them , but a lot of my friends do , and you ca n't help noticing that they 're much better made than the shoes for girls , they last so much longer .
5 noticing that they were n't they get , I suppose you get to know who has what and that they thought
6 How ancient this thought is we can see by noticing that it is just the figure Plato used in The Republic to supply his political myth justifying political inequality ( Bk .
7 Noticing that I was not provided for , he slapped his right-side coat pocket and , diving in , produced an opened packet of Gauloise Bleu , from which loose container he took out a cigarette .
8 There is obviously something wrong with a portrayal of children as totally lacking in reason until they leap out of bed on their tenth birthday announcing that they are now able to act on principle .
9 He has refused , so far , to bring the Moroccan troops home , but has issued a pamphlet explaining that they are not under allied command , and will not attack Iraq .
10 He then sent a counter-embassy to Charles ( in the autumn of 772 ) , explaining that he was not unlawfully retaining those lands claimed by the Pope on behalf of the Exarchate of Ravenna , as the claim was false .
11 She listened to his calm voice explaining that he was not available and if she would like to leave a message … but the message she would like to have left was far too complicated , so she rang off without saying anything .
12 It was made clear to a friend of mine who was dying that he was not wanted on the ward , not through words but by the minimum care he was given after an unsuccessful operation and the refusal of any doctor to speak to him .
13 I think also you would expect children who are really quite young , well before the first year , to be showing social interest in other adults around , and if they 're not it might be worth checking that there is n't some problem with the child .
14 I think also you would expect children who are really quite young , well before the first year , to be showing social interest in other adults around , and if they 're not it might be worth checking that there is n't some problem with the child .
15 A nesting box must be positioned in an area that has no existing barn owl settlement , after checking that there are enough small mammals to feed an expanding population .
16 Hello tape recorder , you seemed to go off there for a while , I 'm just checking that you 're still working again , thanks very much .
17 After checking that I was not talking to the media , I asked what the nature of her enquiry was , and she proceeded to furnish me with the facts .
18 It is a condition of booking that you are adequately insured on your holiday .
19 She was so excited to be returning that she was up before dawn and ready for the journey south long before the arrival of the taxi that was to take them to Berwick for the train to King 's Cross .
20 The procedure continues for weeks with the man unable to tell the girl that he still buys the ticket even though he no longer has a car , and the girl not wanting to hurt his feelings by revealing that she is just taking a short cut , walking through the car park on her way to W. H. Smith .
21 Squinting through my salt encrusted eyelids I had to agree her estimation was probably accurate ; affirming that we were well clear and would soon be safely around the point did n't seem adequate reassurance .
22 Well Peter I sa la one night last week oh it was the week before I was going up past and this fella was walking and he was fucking staggering and he was going on the road and Peter 's came back and fucking him .
23 Well I had learnt shorthand and typing at school but erm the money was necessary at home you see , and er with my sister working there , at H and T Hornes , er she spoke for me and er I had an interview and and they put me up in the nursery , we used to call it the nursery see because we were all fourteens up there and er then they called it the cylinder shop and er my foreman was a fella name Archie and erm everything was very very strict indeed , we could not move away from our board you could n't speak to the next one that was working by you , and er there was a fella named Mr and he was he , I did n't work for him I worked for Mr , but some you cou you were afraid to move because of this man and he he he 'd stare at you and he 'd look at you and anyway erm they put me assembling and it was very interesting indeed , there was a tall stand on , we called it the bench , a tall stand with a screw on the top and then to as begin to assemble the locks you had to take what we would call the body , screw it into the er little on the stand and then we had tweezers , there were , in the body there were five springs and then you had to have five breast pins and when you got the springs in you .. we have to have a plug at the back so as we could put each pin and push the plug over that a dummy plug we called it and so that was five pins were in and then there was a ball er when that , when we came to put it in our vice , we had to put the V I C E not V O voice .
24 ‘ I 'm not milling about , I 'm not lurking and I 'm not amassing , ’ Otley said vehemently as Nigel pleaded with him yet again .
25 I shot him between the eyes and then I was off , down the smallest streets , and I did n't stop pedalling until I was back in this Villa Baderini , which , as a matter of fact , used to be my father 's .
26 Okay well do n't worry do n't worry he ca n't you know just think of something though having said that if you look at the role that you played in the group moving towards the chairman 's style , taking over the group perhaps becoming and you were n't a person that sort of took over and forced your views on everybody but you were certainly up there at the front with and listening to people taking information and manipulating everything that you had to fit what was coming in from everybody so that does show Chairman 's skills , Chairman tendencies
27 When Sophie did these vaccinations in the pet shop Mr Miller held each patient so firmly and expertly that the recipient hardly noticed was was happening until it was over , but in the surgery it was sometimes traumatic .
28 it 's a tangent it 's just another thing to be aware of er that certain put their exam but it 's along the same thing cos I know what 's happening and they 're not writing G C S E but they 're writing exam entries so many pupils x number of subjects so many passes okay ?
29 Right you have to come I think the basis of this evening was to get people to come along and put there points of view and to say what 's happening and what is n't happening and I think we can take that take that away and considerate it yes I mean I I think the board or the management committee will be happy to meet with people to discuss the use of the theatre er what it 's used for what might what the unhappiness is if there is unhappiness and the positive and the positive as well as the negative points yes .
30 Not a lot was happening and I was really tired so I decided to go to bed .
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