Example sentences of "[vb base] just [be] [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 like I 've just said , I 've just been speaking for a whole lesson , my voice is just I 've got to talk to you to explain what we 're doing , so let's quietly
2 took the first call , but I 've just been speaking to him , and you 'd better have the full picture . ’
3 ‘ I 've just been speaking to my sister .
4 ‘ I 've just been speaking to Drewer , ’ rapped Naylor .
5 I 've just been looking at the end-May figures and notice we 're just about holding our own on the Gesamt .
6 Well so far we 've just been looking at the record of growth bands in this coral skeleton , but we can acquire a great deal of additional information by sampling the skeleton , and we sample the skeleton using a small drill and we can analyze the , the powders that we collect for the stabilized of oxygen .
7 I mean , we 're not , erm , we 're just simplifying a very complex situation , and in fact , probably large numbers of genes are , are involved , and they 're , there are probably complex interactions between different sorts of altruism. kin altruism will certainly function within families for reasons that we 've just been looking at , but this will also be a fertile and erm , encouraging er , framework for sibling altruism .
8 The erm point about are distribution within Greater York is that we have attempted to look at this in what I think is a a rational and realistic manner , we have looked , and you 'll see this from our supplementary paper , I apologize for its lateness , but I think it 's benefited from the additional thought that could be given to it , we have looked both backwards , at the present day , and forwards , we 've looked backwards at past build rates , we 've looked at the present day position in the sense of the population shares within Greater York , and we 've looked forwards in terms of the commitment figures that are given in the N Y one paper that we 've just been looking at , and taking all those things into account , and adding in what we see as the right location for a new settlement , namely Selby district , we come to the figures that are in our supplementary paper , and there is clearly a great deal of common ground between the evidence you get from looking either at past building rates or population shares , as now , or future commitments which all point towards a broadly similar distribution , we say , with the addition of a new feature namely the new settlement , so that I commend those figures to you as somebody who 's actually dared to put their toe , or maybe their whole body into the water , and given you not only some numbers , but also a basis by which if you should er have a different Greater York figure in mind , a basis on which that could be rationally er approached , I would not certainly defend to the last ditch the need to put a figure of fifty dwellings into the structure plan for the Hambledon part of Greater York , there may be a cut off point beyond which you do n't go , but certainly for Ryedale and Selby , with very substantial numbers there is a need to indicate what the appropriate division should be , and you could not for instance indicate what the er Ryedale non Greater York figure was , without someone telling us the , as the Chairman rightly said , having an idea of what the Ryedale Greater York figure should be , so it is n't really I think feasible to have district figures for non Greater York , and one Greater York figure , that does n't er get away from the issue , and nor does it solve the potential for confusion .
9 erm You can see , probably recognise the writing erm we 've just been looking at .
10 ‘ By the way , I 've just been listening to the news .
11 Oh I 've just been listening to your conversation with Dennis and Iris .
12 Then that particular Saturday , Leith 's outgoing if slightly irresponsible brother had come to tell her excitedly , ‘ I 've just been chatting to Rosemary Green ! ’
13 We 've just been overcharged for this sandwich .
14 By the way , I 've just been glancing through my fixture list , and it seems to me that the real test of our recent good form will come in December/early January .
15 worked up the ladder , but , what 's required in a judge , I would say , put putting for the moment , what we 've just been discussing on the side , that is , any question of bias , or sex bias , a judge is there in court , to perform an intellectual .
16 ‘ Tommy , you 've just been cautioned for the murder of … ‘
17 You 've just been appointed as a care assistant .
18 no , when you get someone 's relative phoning up because they 've just been crushed under a lump of machinery , that 's is very fraught .
19 Well , but I 've just been conversing with ghosts myself .
20 ‘ I 've just been hearing about Pat 's epic poem about the ‘ other side ’ , ’ said Alison .
21 Stan , as we 've just been hearing from Michael Medleycote , there 's a new initiative from the British Tourist Authority .
22 Er in fact I have now , Mr has found the er the report which has actually got the traffic assessment e that we 've just been referring to which is er no western relief road but with in an inner northern road .
23 I 've , I 've just been dealing with that in a booklet .
24 Though , it 's just that , one of the things that Caroline actually , er working on with Warwick University is a way of re-looking at public services and how there funded right , it 's basically to help David to make the case with Margaret Margaret for more money with the local Government , but erm I mean the sort of things we 've been getting into is like when you considering paying for public services , should you , should you pay like in advance like through the National Insurance System or like , like I mean the French Health Service for example , people pay it for ambulances when they use them , though they pay on a differential rate , but I mean it 's an issue to debate , it 's right , and I 've just been thinking about lavatory while you 've been speaking .
25 I 've just been thinking about you . "
26 I 've just been going through it really , the textbook .
27 Now you 've just been describing to us Mr about er your leisure activities etcetera and it was sort of confined to the etcetera .
28 I sang down the Bottom Club , so when I went down the next week the manager said I 've just been waiting for you , I 've been waiting for you to come in he said so he said , look the group ca n't come he said , will you sing ?
29 I 've just been shopping with Maggie this morning .
30 " Take the Tran family over there who 've just been introduced to your father , for instance .
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