Example sentences of "[vb base] that i [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 When I say that I mean I 'm operating without back-up .
2 I say that I thought we had already been through all this .
3 Just believe me when I say that I had nothing whatsoever to do with any of this .
4 But as I say that I recommend them because they were er excellent .
5 Please let solicitors deal with everything , and also , please believe me when I say that I want nothing but a few mementos of my father .
6 Q : When you say that I think you 're laughing at me .
7 Erm , I certainly do n't do it , the way that I say that I do it .
8 And one day I will say that I saw Erika Nordern , say that I coached her .
9 I mean no disrespect to the geriatric branch of the hospital service nor to the domiciliary services or the rapidly increasing old people 's houses and homes provided by local housing , health and welfare authorities when I say that I believe we are still groping and fumbling with this problem — all of us , social scientists and politicians alike .
10 You all insist that I know nothing but nobody else can do this .
11 I hate that I cause her so much pain .
12 Underneath the screen up in the pie in the sky I mean that I mean I 've known that when you 've only got about that much where you should have that .
13 I got back to work , by which I mean that I got my papers and notes out , and then sat looking at them for what seemed like a dreary lifetime , and was really probably only twenty minutes .
14 Now do n't take that too literally , certainly in sub zero temperatures and I think the first of December and to do so would I think er have er maybe with some risk of being in 's phrase stark raving bonkers but by that you may think I mean that I think we made a fair attempt to deal with the three principle issues which have caused so much annoyance to user groups , there 's a backlog in modification orders .
15 research that I realized I had been wrong .
16 I hope that I chose my words with some care ; I do not want to add to them .
17 And so that I hope that I hope you find that interesting .
18 Even when I can understand all they are saying , they give me little opportunity to reply , so anxious are they to keep up the headlong momentum of their own speech ; then they complain that I say nothing !
19 I mean I I certainly accept that I mean I think there a lot of problems on the in the stage door club several nights of the years .
20 And I know that I mean they , they 've got to be corrected , I , I understand
21 I know that I mean he 's actually thick enough to go up there and sign on in his overalls .
22 Yeah well b well what I 'm trying to say and I ca n't emphasise it too strongly is that I do n't want anybody going round like writing another stupid letter to somebody saying that erm you know the reason we 're inundated that it has n't been advertised properly cos I tell you what it 'll come back right in our faces cos it 's our bloody fault Well that 's right well we know that I mean I told them all I told them all quite clearly when I was up in Glasgow that they 'd be quiet for at least a month because p it 'll take time to filter through .
23 like perhaps appeals to womens magazines more than the other stuff but I know that I mean it 's not romantic in that way is it 's not a romance
24 Yeah , I never though of that and I doubt if I get it now , all I think was well I know that I got it in the magazine rack
25 I feel that our love has grown stronger , and I know that I miss you , darling , even more than before , for I really need you , as I expect you divined long ago .
26 They know that I killed him on purpose because he took my best animal . ’
27 You know that I love you and am nothing without you .
28 ‘ Do n't treat me as a child ! ’ she cried scornfully , ‘ You know that I love you , and that 's why I 'm being packed off . ’
29 ‘ I know that I owe you both an explanation and an apology , ’ she said slowly .
30 You already know that I admire your work .
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