Example sentences of "[noun prp] [be] hold to [be] " in BNC.

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1 Incidentally , though Walker is held to be still more than a touch rusty after so long away from rugby — inclined , for instance , to carry the ball under the wrong arm — the rapidity with which he has come into cap contention ought to be food for thought for our own Jamie Henderson .
2 If so , Pyro has an action under the Act as personal injuries are covered by the Act ( s. 5(1) ) and none of the defences would appear to be relevant , unless Pyro is held to be contributorily negligent , when his damages would be reduced .
3 Ltd. ( 1988 C.A. ) a 20-month-old Fiat was held to be unmerchantable because , unknown to the buyer , it had eight months earlier been totally submerged in water for over 24 hours and had consequently been treated as a ‘ write off ’ by its insurer .
4 The next case is Campbell v. Hall , 1 Cowp. 204 in which duty unlawfully exacted on the export of sugar from Grenada was held to be recoverable .
5 Jesus is held to be God , his actions God 's actions in history , to be interpreted without reference to his actual historical circumstances .
6 Social Integration of Incomers and Shetlanders is held to be the aim , and an achievable aim : achievable especially by dispersal of housing ( DDP : 28 ) .
7 Although Aurangzeb was held to be bold and valiant , he was capable of great dissimulation and hypocrisy .
8 The decision in Bell was held to be of doubtful validity in Maitland Ptr. , 1961 S.L.T. 384 , where a licensing court was directed to hold a special sitting after it had , per incuriam , failed to declare a provisional grant final .
9 Volenti was held to be inapplicable as the doctor could not be said to have agreed to the risk .
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