Example sentences of "[noun prp] [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 By nine that morning they were parked on a side-street off Tottenham Court Road , Bodie at the wheel of the Capri , Doyle slouched down in the passenger seat , idly , almost cursorily , watching the heavy flow of traffic up towards Warren Street .
2 William gazed out of the window as they drove through what used to be called The Village and was now just another suburban shopping centre .
3 Tony Smith 's ( non-flying ) Flying Flea lines up with the C100 below to make a pair of early private pilot machines .
4 Muir , omitted from the event last year after an administrative error , needed just 15 ends to help heal the wounds as he sent New Zealand 's Gary Lawson tumbling out of the championship .
5 When Sarah got back to the attic bedroom in Newcastle Place the first thing she did was open the window , letting in damp , wintry air .
6 She loved the hot stews that Minton produced out of the oven when they returned from the pub .
7 Blair crept down to the bank whilst I rehearsed various reasons to explain why he had not caught the trout : lack of experience , bad casting technique .
8 ‘ John saw Ivor Horfitz 's son Jason hanging around outside the weighing-room at Newmarket yesterday and had a word with him . ’
9 As Ian Macdonald points out in The New Immigration Law ( Butterworths , 1972 ) :
10 Dan got up from the breakfast bar .
11 Cecilia got on to the platform .
12 Earlier she had listened intently as a statement by Cheshires commanding officer Lt Col Bob Stewart read out at the hearing told how L/Cpl Edwards ' killer had not been traced .
13 Kolchinsky was waiting in the foyer when Whitlock got back to the hotel .
14 DERYCK FOX helped himself to 13 points with a try , four goals and a drop goal to take the man of the match award and send Widnes crashing out of the Regal Trophy .
15 He invited Patrick to sit down in the hall and took him in detail through events from the moment the car had stopped in front of the house .
16 Philippa got up from the chair she had brought into the kitchen , went to take the cloth from Lee 's lap , decided against it , and started to wipe up the insidious liquid with tissues .
17 Hun Sen sold out to the Vietnamese , and is now selling out to Thai businessmen as well , it says .
18 Tony Rickardsson cruised through to the Nordic Final stage of the World Championship when he finished third in the three-leg Swedish heats last week .
19 ‘ Go for the girl , ’ ordered Randy Sherwood , as South Sussex rode on to the field .
20 Then MARK GOODIER clangs along with The Wedding Present , Number Six escapes to London — or does he ? — in THE PRISONER and America 's finest living poet and ‘ reformed ’ coke head storms Las Vegas in SMOKEY ROBINSON IN CONCERT .
21 Following their Olympic collision in the 3,000 metres , Decker Slaney tumbled out of the race in tears and Budd-Pieterse — running for Britain — finished seventh .
22 How would a united Germany fit in with the attempt through the Helsinki process to end the division of Europe ? ; and , would the new Germany take into account the interests of others in concluding a European peace settlement ?
23 Lisa sank back against the sofa , despair rushing through her .
24 The VW drew up at the pumps about twenty minutes later .
25 When Stirling found out about the plan in which his unit was to be involved , he was even more furious .
26 Davidson moved out of the house a week ago and they decided to separate last weekend .
27 After a moment or two Hosanna moved back to the step again .
28 Trent swam back to the catamaran dragging the fish behind him .
29 Kelly headed back towards the stand .
30 Er I liked to ask you erm about if you , if you think that Harlow lives up to the ideal of the New Town ?
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