Example sentences of "[prep] two [noun] [unc] time " in BNC.

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1 So here 's to both teams and I hope the match in two year 's time is just as good as this was .
2 Secondly you 'll be creating a bit of inconveniencing to the person who comes back er back in two year 's time to resell .
3 Some others , though , among them the winner in Paris in two Sundays ' time , will be mysteriously gathering rather than losing strength .
4 NEW YORK ( Reuter ) — El Salvador 's President , Alfredo Cristiani , announced in a speech to the UN that he would make a proposal for a ceasefire in his country 's 10-year-old civil war at a meeting with FMLN rebels in two weeks ' time .
5 His influence in stemming the Swansea flow could not be overstated and he now looks certain to face his fellow countrymen in two weeks ' time .
6 A compromise with far tighter controls over the CITES-monitored quota system is likely to be agreed before the end of the conference in two weeks ' time .
7 The interior ministers of Peru , Bolivia and Colombia and representatives of Spain , France and Italy are to meet in Madrid in two weeks ' time to discuss drug trafficking .
8 His Francesca was a rising star in the Department of Trade and Industry , and they planned to celebrate her thirtieth birthday with a skiing holiday , due to start in two weeks ' time .
9 The defeat of Redgrave and Pinsent is unlikely to prevent their selection for the Olympic coxless pairs and it could prove to have been a useful warning to the world champions to raise their performance for Cologne in two weeks ' time , when all the potential Olympic crews will have their first try-out .
10 Tony Stafford talks to the former owner of Vernons Pools who is hoping for a jackpot dividend in two weeks ' time with Rodrigo de Triano and Musicale
11 But now , with hopes of success in both Guineas races in two weeks ' time , and the renaissance of Manton under his trainer Peter Chapple-Hyam , the leading British owner-breeder is better placed than at any period in the past decade .
12 At Cologne , in two weeks ' time , an eight and two separate fours will compete .
13 Official viewing figures will be out in two weeks ' time .
14 KITCHENS OF DISTINCTION , Tooting Broadway 's finest , who issue their ‘ When In Heaven ’ / ‘ Glittery Dust ’ 45 on One Little Indian in two weeks ' time , play
15 In two weeks ' time it would be one year since he had first come to Iraq .
16 There was great jubilation in the family when he returned home to tell them that he was to start in the Despatch Department in two weeks ' time , in the huge new office in Edge Lane where Eileen worked .
17 After initial doubts about whether he would accept selection to run for Britain in the European Cup in Rome in two weeks ' time , Robb said he would now ‘ probably go if they asked me . ’
18 Yet in two weeks ' time , some 450 of BBC Scotland 's 1,100 employees will become ultimately answerable to a London-based controller .
19 He is due to report to West Hendon police station in two weeks ' time .
20 Well I 'm coming back to see you in two weeks ' time so could I maybe get the information off you then ?
21 I , I did say in two weeks ' time
22 Ag again with the , the recommendations I think you , you , you went on to say can I , can I go forward in , in getting the recommendations erm without actually explaining what you were doing , you just came back and said so I 'll go ahead and get the recommendations and come back and see you in two weeks ' time and like what recommendation ?
23 Now I 'd like to go through each of them with you now and then again in two weeks ' time , and hear any suggestions you may have .
24 in two weeks ' time .
25 I wa in two weeks ' time , one week time ?
26 That 's a look we 'll see emerging from the dull , old chrysalis that was Renault design in the '70s and '80s , when it takes the wraps off its first really new-age car in two years ' time .
27 Le Moignan has talked about retiring in two years ' time , but that could be hastened if there were another loss to Opie , who has made a determined comeback after defeats in the world and British opens .
28 With the opening of the company 's fourth North American assembly plant in two years ' time , Toyota will also have the capacity to produce almost 1m vehicles a year in America .
29 The new appointment runs until the next European championships , in two years ' time .
30 The dealer works out the car 's value in two years ' time ( the MGFV , or Minimum Guaranteed Future Value ) and subtracts it from the price , minus your deposit .
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