Example sentences of "[noun sg] was [adv] [prep] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 No , but no , but obviously no , th the association was only with cricket not with the product , so it was n't enhancing the initial product
2 In 1945 Labour won because its thinking was clearly in tune with the times .
3 But Russia 's ability to accept capitalist economic aid was always in doubt and Molotov walked out of the Paris talks on 2 July , complaining that the Marshall Plan would lead to Germany 's industrial revival and infringe the economic independence of European States , which would become US puppets .
4 MainMan was always in debt and Tony had always gone out and found money to do projects , so it was fine .
5 Florence was full of Christmas shoppers and half the police force was already on holiday .
6 While the contest was initially between reformist and hardline factions within the ruling PLA , it increasingly became a struggle against , as well as within the ruling party , culminating in widespread protests in December [ see p. 37924 ] .
7 And by the time Lamb had bludgeoned England to safety ( and himself to a Test-best score ) , ably supported by Russell , Gooch 's closure was more in hope than a genuine expectation of victory .
8 Marco was still on top of her .
9 Tacitical substitutions by Boro' in heats eight and ten stemmed the Diamonds ' surge although the result was never in doubt .
10 But the club was still under threat and hit a low point last year when it failed to field a team for the 1991 season .
11 By 1924 the club was more at east .
12 The upstairs was midway between farm and cottage with a lot of oak , uneven floors and chintz .
13 Matilda 's wonderfully subtle mind was already at work devising yet another suitable punishment for the poisonous parent .
14 He must have closed his eyes because the priest was suddenly in front of him .
15 Others ( who were more justly accused of commercial megalomania or electrical messianism by critics ) felt that the ‘ all-electric ’ future was near at hand , and that it was only a matter of time before all heating — continuous or intermittent — would be by electricity .
16 The future was indeed at stake , since official Soviet figures put the number of starving children in the famine areas at 7,246,317 .
17 Whether Gorbachov 's tattered image at home will benefit from his visit to North America , is increasingly in doubt ; for those here , nothing can hide the failure of his domestic reform programme , and the economic part of that programme was again under debate in the Supreme Soviet .
18 As in previous years , mineral exploration in the Mineral Reconnaissance Programme was mainly for gold The results of seven multidisciplinary surveys published during the year included important new indications of mineralisation .
19 Indeed IBM was ready with a fulsome endorsement of OSI , pointing out that it was already developing OSI software in both Europe and California ; OSI research was already under way at IBM 's European Networking Center at Heidelberg , and various IBM products already supported the first five of OSI 's seven layers .
20 She gained her D.Phil. in biochemistry , and her research was mainly in nutrition and physiology in Germany , Oxford , Harwell and Southampton .
21 His weight was suddenly on Hullabaloo 's flank .
22 This present mayor was away on holiday at the time , he said perhaps that I should of seen that erm it would go to committee
23 The study was specifically about school boards , but the finding are relevant also to the planning of training in other fields , especially where volunteers with varied knowledge of existing concerns and varied understanding of their responsibilities are involved .
24 This may simply be because subjects assumed that the current study was essentially about risk and expected to encounter some particularly dangerous situations .
25 On Jan. 31 Seidman suggested that the government should consider reviving some thrifts , if they appeared to be financially healthy , instead of taking them over , and said that a feasibility study was currently under way to explore the possibility .
26 The yellow monster was almost on top of him , two great lights like enormous eyes now switched on .
27 She turned at the door to wave but the car was already in gear and accelerating down the drive .
28 The court held that the second defendant was not liable for the cost of a respray , as at the time of the accident the car was already in need of one .
29 Holly seemed to look at him as if the matter of a fire that destroyed the office of the Commandant was neither of occasion nor note .
30 The abduction was reportedly in retaliation for the killing of Sikh militants who , on Aug. 20 , had attacked India 's ambassador to Romania , Julius Ribeiro , in Bucharest .
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