Example sentences of "[noun sg] was [prep] the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 If a rating or precepting authority over-rated or over-precepted , the remedy was in the hands of the electorate …
2 What it means to BPExploration was at the centre of last year 's R&D strategy review .
3 If , for example , a horseman was in the field and the ploughing was going on extremely well , his stetches coming out neatly , with dead-straight furrows and a level ‘ top ’ , his mate sometimes called out in recognition of his prowess :
4 They constitute an acknowledgment by the delegates , committee and officers that the Association was for the time being inadequately organised and funded for undertaking major tasks on the national scene .
5 Phillip Thorpe , the AFBD 's chief executive , felt obliged to circulate to his staff a denial of reports that a merger with The Securities Association was in the offing .
6 One is how far advanced the Labour Party 's thinking was on the nature of planning it might undertake if it took power at the end of the second world war .
7 They are well known in the Weald of Kent and Sussex and around Poole harbour ; and one land-drainage contractor was of the opinion in 1986 that in his own county , Northamptonshire , there was scarcely a parish without areas which were effectively undrainable due to ochre .
8 Moreover , useful as the clergy 's and particularly Winchelsey 's aid was to the magnates in the summer of 1297 , the laity had been encouraged to think that the clergy , especially because they did not fight , should bear a significant share of the financial costs of defence .
9 Er and this this case the there was a fire in a flat , the chap had gone out to work , we did n't know he 'd gone out to work , so we broke First of all we informed the fire brigade was on the way , we broke down the door , quick look in the flat , best possible way we could look , and the fire brigade turned up and dealt with the flat .
10 His cheque card was on the table .
11 The card was in the door , and you rang him up anyway
12 He says the card was in the name of the Rt Hon Norman Lamont , and the Chancellor simply signed as Norman Lamont .
13 The initial deal was for the release of two singles and a potential album deal which has yet to be finalised . ’
14 Last night Bowe 's manager , Rock Newman , revealed a new deal was in the pipeline .
15 Second , Jones ' experiment was at the stage where its results were moving forward the fastest .
16 Miguel 's jeep was outside the villa when Shelley happened to look out .
17 This was used as a bacon store by Sainsbury 's , grocery wholesalers whose main warehouse was behind The Crystal Fountain in Milford Street and who ran a fleet of chain driven lorries .
18 When she woke next morning , she knew at once that Water Gypsy was on the move .
19 Hunched in a remote and subordinate cranny of government — devising a rent bill at the Ministry of Housing and Local Government , as a matter of fact — I was not disposed to go overboard when our armed forces were launched into the attack in November ; but what on earth was intended to come out of it and how an occupation found untenable could be tenably restored and sustained by force was beyond the comprehension of this unmoved spectator .
20 In 1857 , Reading police force was under the auspices of Chief Constable Henry Peck , a man who played it strictly by the rule book .
21 From mid-July the force was in the process of formation , although details of deployments were not publicized .
22 Luke 's wedding ring was on the table , close to her hand , and her eyes were wide open , like the eyes of someone who has just woken up .
23 Paul 's ring was on the bedside cabinet , where she 'd placed it , and her handbag …
24 What brought her to a standstill was the realisation that her bedroom was under the eaves , so that the walls angled sharply towards the ceiling , lending the room a special character .
25 The master bedroom looked out over one side of the front door and Benny 's bedroom was on the other .
26 She knew Marek 's bedroom was at the back of the house .
27 Her bedroom was at the back of the house .
28 Our bedroom was at the top of a winding staircase and afforded views of the square outside .
29 Her bedroom was in the basement .
30 Their bedroom was in the front of the house and looked out over the sea , a vast expanse of blue , sparkling in early morning sunshine .
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