Example sentences of "[noun sg] that i give you " in BNC.

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1 And we saw that in the calculation that I gave you at the end of last week 's lecture .
2 The uncertainty in the number that I gave you , about fifteen to eighteen billion years , is not in any sense an error due to inaccuracies of measurements of the rate at which the universe is currently expanding , but there are systematic differences of opinion about how one should calibrate the expansion rate , because people have different means of measuring the distance from us of the most luminous objects .
3 The sheet that I gave you .
4 So I 'm hoping that this system that I give you will allow you to do that , anybody been a best man at a wedding ?
5 Oh dear me so I 'm hoping that the system that I give you will allow you to deal with all those situations as well as make a longer presentation where you do have some preparation time .
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