Example sentences of "[adv] [adv] [vb pp] back from " in BNC.

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1 A quick reminder , many people will know , but a quick reminder and er , if you 've perhaps just come back from holiday yourself , or you 're one of our new listeners , you may not know so I 'll tell you , Douglas Cameron 's Breakfast Call , this very programme , will be breaking new ground at the end of next month .
2 Especially since I 'd only just arrived back from Paris . ’
3 And Rodger has only just come back from three weeks ' rehabilitation at Lilleshall .
4 Of course , we have only just got back from our honeymoon . ’
5 He did not think there would be any point in Sara travelling to Wellingham that evening , especially as she had only just got back from abroad .
6 Hello er , I 'm phoning on behalf of Mrs Ada er she 's got to come in for a scan on the fourth of February , nine o'clock , now we 've only just got back from the hospital today , cos she oh , she had to go today for one , yeah , and we 've just
7 She could be pretty , she decided , if her hair were not so tightly scraped back from her face and if her eyes shone with eagerness , as they did at this moment .
8 Blue watchers are saying that IBM chief John Akers will be out by March or April and that the company in its infinite wisdom will give the job to one of those retired IBMers it just just brought back from the pasture , probably Kaspar Cassoni .
9 I know you 've just recently come back from Uganda .
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