Example sentences of "[pers pn] also [verb] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 I also use a compass point to draw into the wet paint to reveal the colour beneath . ’
2 I also use a Fender Twin just for extra spread .
3 I also use a Boogie and split the signal from a foot pedal to two amps usually .
4 I made a record with Sonny Terry , called ‘ Whoopin' , that I also like a lot .
5 Am I also leaving a mark here ?
6 Any suggestions on where to get the book book because now once again the Dillons I 'll be getting my plane ticket ready to go home and then I also wrote a cheque with this one , one book store out at er erm , I forget the name of it , but it 's out at er Finchley Road , it 's supposed to specialize in
7 I 've watched a lot of American campaigning at close quarters including the primaries and presidential election of 1980 , the Republican Convention in 1984 ( when I also spent a week travelling with Ronald Reagan ) and the most recent Republican
8 I also noticed a tendency to assume that by the twentieth century women had overcome most of the problems of inequality .
9 I also ran a check on my own records , I should add .
10 ‘ You wo n't remember , but all the time I was racing I also ran a construction business . ’
11 I also felt a need to please people , whatever the cost .
12 I also put a blanket into it .
13 But I suppose I also intend a warning . ’
14 I also became a university student in the days when it was axiomatic that higher education was ‘ free ’ .
15 I also began a campaign in the press and elsewhere against the lily-livered Scottish Rugby Union .
16 I also count a number of trendsetting exhibitions among my achievements , such as : ‘ Tatlin 's Dream ’ ( Russian 1920s Avant-garde art ) ; ‘ Frank Lloyd Wright ’ ; ‘ Vienna Birthplace of Modern Design ’ ; ‘ Apocalypse and Utopia ’ ( major German Expressionist works ) ; and various exhibitions of the work of the Austrian Expressionist Egon Schiele .
17 The realist strategy involved comparing the description of the person with the subject him/herself or someone the subject was familiar with ; ‘ I also related a lot of the adjectives to whether they were like me ’ , ‘ … and rated the person as if I knew them personally .
18 I also saw a vision of a ‘ better ’ world and realised that my duty as a mother was no longer in the kitchen , but in that world .
19 I also get a bit shrill sometimes .
20 I also get a couple of good standby wines for friends and neighbours who might drop in and a super-cheap bottle or two of red ( try the supermarket £1.99 offers ) to make some delicious , warming mulled wine .
21 I also got a letter from Mr C.N.D. Cole , the editor of the Western Mail .
22 Yeah , but I also got a leaflet for refills as well
23 I also had a plaster of Paris cast on my leg ( which had been injured in a fall some weeks before ) and consequently had some difficulty in walking , I was put on the Regimental Mini Bus which was run purely to ferry married personnel to their married quarters after functions .
24 George said : ‘ I also had a Triumph Stag I wanted to do up and put on the road next year .
25 I also had a reputation for antics in the rubber dinghy .
26 I also had a look at the fact that Toby might well be — or have been — the man I 'd been waiting for , though God knows I 'd never have recognized him in a million years if we had n't happened , entirely by accident , to stumble into each other 's arms .
27 I also had a company pension but I was what , in the pensions trade , is called an ‘ early leaver ’ .
28 Before leaving London I saw the sights , from the Tower to Trafalgar Square and I also had a wander through Soho which I remember not so much for its more dubious side but for all the stalls of fruit and vegetables , every type , colour and description .
29 I also had a stroke of luck when a Jehovah 's Witness called at the door earlier .
30 I also had a letter from about some request she 'd had to send a copy of the CAMET corpus to Sheffield .
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