Example sentences of "[pers pn] just make a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 can I just make a couple of points .
2 Could I just make a correction , which would help in that respect .
3 Colleagues , can I just make a point as well while we 're progressing .
4 Can I just make a point .
5 Can I just make a point
6 Can I just make a point this thing about salary because I know we ca n't people we want at the salary and all the rest of it but then there 's , if we 're go if that 's the s if we 're now saying that that 's the salary for the job and there 's no no way in my conscience rests clear really that we should just pay that to one person
7 Can I just make a point here , the Parish Council as a body of Parish Councils did not approve the the
8 Can I just make a comment about one section of visiting , and that 's when you have to do , er , Brookside , Wellington and Highfield .
9 One thing you should remember : when he says , ‘ I just made a hole in one , ’ do n't say , ‘ I did n't see you .
10 ‘ Do I get the impression I just made a boo-boo ? ’
11 It 's not at all what I thought it would be I just made a bloomer there .
12 And I 'll see you next , let me just make a note of this , on this form , a green form .
13 And then you just make a mess of what you 've already got .
14 The thing with Minneapolis was that everyone was bored to tears , so we just made a scene . ’
15 He just made a crack about Maurice needing to sleep quiet in his bed .
16 When he heard about Marie 's accident he just made a joke .
17 ‘ In that case I think he just made a pass at your wife . ’
18 He just makes a mockery of those who write players off at 32 or say the Premier League is for young athletes .
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