Example sentences of "[pers pn] are hold to [be] " in BNC.

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1 Some of them are held to be responsible for relaxation phenomena at low temperatures while folds are of great importance in the crystallization of polymers .
2 This hypothesis is supported by the fact that most plant families that produce bird-dispersed seeds are of very wide distribution and that several of them are held to be primitive , e.g. Annonaceae , Lauraceae , while several genera conspicuous in this trait are found in both tropical America and Australasia .
3 Where we are held to be contracting carriers for the purposes of air or sea carriage please note that our liability is limited in the manner provided by relevant international conventions , ‘ special contract ’ with Governments or UK statute law .
4 Since statements like ‘ God is Love ’ fall into neither category they are held to be meaningless .
5 Aware that absolute holists can not live up to their own tenets , they offer a different distinction between the two approaches so that , rather than being seen as strict alternatives , they are held to be complementary .
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