Example sentences of "[pers pn] is [adv] that a " in BNC.

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1 Or maybe it is simply that a second to them is a vastly longer subjective experience of time than it is to us and other creatures , possessed of a slower metabolic rate .
2 It is simply that a feature , which seemed prominent in the stereotype , may appear insignificant in the performance , and vice versa .
3 It is simply that a permissive culture which makes increasingly fewer demands on the egos and superegos of its citizens where self-restraint , postponement of gratification and drive-inhibition in general are concerned must — unless it is to dissolve in anarchy — abrogate those restraining , controlling and inhibiting functions to itself and to its agencies of social control .
4 However , if it is right that a change is as good as a rest , you should now feel rested and ready to cope with anything .
5 But for a handful of obvious reasons , Lewis does not draw a picture of ‘ the whole man ’ in Surprised by Joy It is partly that a natural reticence made him draw a veil over the two greatest facts of his emotional history : his relationships with his father and Mrs Moore .
6 It is here that a massive scoreboard confronts the players , the numbers changed slowly , tantalisingly , by hand .
7 It is here that a true designing system will be based and will grow from an understanding of the conceptual activities , how they are developed and controlled .
9 It is here that a city and its people possessed a part of my spirit .
10 It is seldom that a week passes by without my having several letters on the same theme .
11 It is enough that a project satisfy the purpose of ‘ the advancement of knowledge in biological or behavioural sciences , ( section 5.3(d) ) , although the applicant must then justify the necessity of using animals at all ( 5.5 ) , and in specific terms if the use of larger mammals is proposed ( 5.6 ) .
12 It is then that a conflict of interests may arise .
13 It is then that a crisis of autonomy can be most nearly identified with a crisis of identity , and can be seen in many an act of teenage rebellion .
14 It is now that a man may pick the flowers and fruit of his lifetime , and complete his gardens of philosophy .
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