Example sentences of "[pers pn] [was/were] hold to [be] " in BNC.

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1 She was held to be guilty of theft .
2 Anti-English slanders they were held to be by the genteel Victorian travellers who continued to come to the Pyrenees .
3 Nevertheless they were held to be in contempt but , the strike having collapsed , no penalty was imposed .
4 In later proceedings for the continuation of the Mareva injunction , it was held to be regular and proper practice for a plaintiff to commence proceedings on the same cause of action in several jurisdictions in order to obtain Mareva or corresponding relief .
5 The circumstances which imposed on Midland Bank the duty of which it was held to be in breach are not apparent from the report .
6 In Low v. Kincardine Licensing Court , 1974 S.L.T. ( Sh.Ct. ) 54 , it was held to be a relevant ground of appeal that a rule of natural justice that no interested party should have an opportunity to confer with the licensing court outwith the presence of another party to the cause was broken .
7 1983 S.L.T. ( Sh.Ct. ) 95 , it was held to be a breach of natural justice , where a licensing board consulted with the director of environmental health at their deliberations , where he had put in a report objecting to the grant of a licence .
8 Similarly , it was held to be contrary to natural justice to confirm an order on facts which the individual had no opportunity to show to be erroneous .
9 It was held to be unambiguous and that , in the context , ‘ delivery ’ meant delivery of materials and not delivery of a completed operable system .
10 The criticisms it was encountering had to do , for instance , with the composition of the Council ( whether or not there was adequate representation of polytechnic teachers or local authorities ) , or with the slow rate at which it was held to be devolving authority to the institutions .
11 In Fagan ( see above and Chapter 4 ) , it was held to be a battery when the accused inadvertently applied force and wrongfully decided not to stop using it .
12 Thus , where landlords were entitled to determine a twenty-one year lease " at the expiration of fourteen years if they shall require the premises for the purposes of a business carried on by them " it was held to be sufficient for them to show that they would need at least part of the premises before the date on which the lease would otherwise have expired by effluxion of time ( Parkinson v Barclays Bank Ltd [ 1951 ] 1 KB 368 ) .
13 In Buckland v Palmer [ 1984 ] 1 WLR 1109 it was held to be an abuse of the process of the court for a plaintiff 's insurance company to start a second action for insured losses when the plaintiff had accepted a payment into court in his action for uninsured losses .
14 As the restriction sought to prevent the defendant from taking employment with a competitor in the general PVC calendering field it was held to be too wide .
15 In this respect , a document purporting to be a sale of hire purchase agreements was construed by Eve J at first instance in Re George Inglefield [ 1933 ] Ch 1 , as a charge on book debts whereas , in the Court of Appeal ( at p27 ) , it was held to be a sale : " [ There is ] no reason whatever for attempting to drag the transaction within the operation of the section [ s 395 of the Companies Act 1985 ] by calling it something which in truth it is not . "
16 In 1986 Mr Leon Brittan , the Home Secretary , resigned because he was held to be responsible for the leak of a letter containing the opinions of a law officer about the actions of the Secretary for Defence , Mr Michael Heseltine .
17 Thus , where a landlord was entitled to enter the demised property to carry out such improvements , additions and alterations as he considered reasonable , he was held to be entitled to demolish and reconstruct all the existing buildings comprising the demised property without putting an end to the tenancy ( Price v Esso Petroleum Co Ltd ( 1980 ) 255 EG 243 ) .
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