Example sentences of "[pers pn] [is] [adv] that this " in BNC.

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1 It 's just that this other woman to whom he comes fresh enables him to see himself in a different , more exciting and rejuvenating light .
2 there 'd just these straight powers of X , and you could do that and you 'd get to the same answer as we get to it 's just that this is a quicker way of doing it .
3 It 's just that this year I have had a lot of weak influencing situations , been on a lot of projects groups and so on , and last year I needed a lot of extra staff .
4 or , or whether it 's just that this is the best case that I can promote .
5 It 's here that this particular burn springs a surprise , cutting a deep and narrow , zig-zag ravine through rock , beckoning you to explore around the next corner .
6 It 's only that this is such a vast place , ’ said Snodgrass , firmly .
7 In fact , language , through abstraction , is a much more efficient form or communication and possesses much more control over its interpretation , and it is rather that this difference in evocation is less likely to be evident in artefactual symbolism than in linguistic symbolism .
8 Judge Donald Herrod added : ‘ This is a very dramatic turn of events and it is right that this prosecution should not continue . ’
9 As the constable quoted above makes clear , it is not that all neighbourhood policemen defuse every situation by the display of patience , sympathy , tolerance , and understanding , it is more that this is their first choice and they use other recipes , by becoming ‘ heavy-handed ’ and resorting to arrests , only when this one fails .
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