Example sentences of "[pers pn] [modal v] just [be] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 That one day I 'll just be history , like the rest …
2 When she could just be Lily Greene , on holiday in Paris .
3 Perhaps we should just be friends ? ’
4 I 'm terribly grateful to you for all your help , but we 'll just be friends tonight , OK ? ’
5 They can just be people who believe they ought to reshape society from top to bottom .
6 ‘ Do you know , Miss Hardbroom , it might just be Algernon Rowan-Webb .
7 I can always give you a routine check-up , but obviously , if you get any twinges , even if you think it might just be wind , give us a call .
8 ‘ But I 've a nasty feeling , ’ she concluded dismally , ‘ that if you do find anything there , it 'll just be Alex 's body . ’
9 Student : ‘ I thought it would just be kid 's stuff …
10 If I were saying here that I do n't approve , then obviously it would be of no value , it would just be generation gap inanity , but it 's not that , and approval does n't come into the equation .
11 I would think it would just be trimmings .
12 No , it would just be comments .
13 It will just be Paul McStay doing his best for his country .
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