Example sentences of "[pers pn] [modal v] [verb] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Handling and using them may give a sense of the past .
2 The time and effort demanded of them may put a strain on their relationship with a partner , who may have been looking forward to the years when they could be alone again as a couple .
3 If I may make a return by listening to your troubles , I am very willing to do so . ’
4 As you will know I may make a reference under this section when I desire the opinion of the Court , not on the whole case but on a point arising on it .
5 While all this talk of constitutional change is in the air — Kinnock proposes to abolish the House of Lords and dismember the United Kingdom , as well as to forbid the whole country from hunting — I wonder if I may make a proposal .
6 I may make a mess of this but that does n't mean I 'm stupid .
7 ‘ If I may make a suggestion , ’ Horowitz , also standing , addressed Evans .
8 I do hope I may remain a member ?
9 A bias , if I may coin a phrase , against the obvious .
10 ‘ Actually , ’ Morton said hesitantly , ‘ if I may borrow a phrase from some distinguished bon viveur whose name I have forgotten , nowadays I like my fruit a little green . ’
11 I am very sure that you will agree with me , if I may borrow a phrase from Joyce , that we all hope that it 's not at all unlikely that George Craig will come again to preach .
12 Well , I may send a telegram if I can work a few days off at Athens .
13 If I may anticipate a point which , I know from experience , the hon. Member for Oldham , West ( Mr. Meacher ) may in due course seek to make , those increases mean that , when looked at alongside the extra help that we have made available in the past four years through income-related benefits for the less well-off families with children , which will amount to some £600 million next year , total expenditure on help to families next year will be higher than if we had simply increased child benefit each year since 1987-88 .
14 I may get a mention . ’
15 I may need a bit of help .
16 Sometimes I may spend a week just looking for something I want . ’
17 I wonder whether I may ask a question relating to your personal experience rather than I B M per se .
18 Dealing generally with the question of art teaching , when addressing himself to the abortive attempt to found a Fine Art course at Oxford in 1922 , he postulated that art schools should , above all else avoid , ‘ The temptation to consider the number of students as a test of success , what I may call a kind of moral and social capitation grant .
19 She rode along , swaggering like a man , till she came to where the lane turned into the field , and there she called out as bold as brass : now , please the powers I may find a tiger in the field !
20 Herbert 's daily life at Bemerton can be envisaged from his book The Country Parson ( later published as The Priest to the Temple ) , which he wrote , as he explained , ‘ that I may have a mark to aim at ’ .
21 If you mind that anyway , cos I may have a couple of people er that may want a few of them to , spoken to Dav , David , he 's got one or two as well .
22 I may have a problem , but that is a very different matter .
23 All three of us are grinning like it 's an idiot 's birthday party , but she keeps an eye on me like she thinks I may have a relapse any minute .
24 As you may recall , I may have a meeting of the Education Committee of the British Association of Industrial Editors in London on 29th — though these are always subject to last minute change .
25 ‘ I think I may have a doze , ’ Finch said , closing his eyes in thanks .
26 For those reasons as I , have I , hoped made plain , it seems to me that the general scheme provided by Mrs is the one that ought to be adopted , however in my view when Mrs also makes provision for a second carer for some three hours a day that is well over egging the pudding , if I may adopt a phrase used by Mr at one stage during the case , I feel sure that in practice the two resident carers would not simply say well I 'm on duty from eight am on Monday till twelve midday on Thursday and I shall do nothing during the rest of the week , I think that living in the household for , at
27 Well if I may raise a number of issues under that report .
28 Dear Guitarist I am writing this letter in the hope that I may save a lot of Gibson-lovers grief with their pickups .
29 I may cut a corner or two , now and then , ’ I said stiffly .
30 Stepping carefully over the gutter , Gonzalo remarked that I ought to wear a coat like he did .
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