Example sentences of "[pers pn] [be] [noun] for she " in BNC.

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1 She 's doing no harm here , and I 'm company for her . ’
2 ‘ What will you be doing for her ? ’
3 Not knowing exactly WHEN Brian died , HOW much he suffered and WHO killed him is torture for her .
4 At first it were good because it were incentive for her to keep going because she 'd , you know , paid so much but toward the end , she said , it were getting ridiculous .
5 It is tuition for her and helps her to get over a lot of barriers about performing live in front of demanding and sometimes difficult audiences .
6 Oh she knew the bloke , she 'd be she 'd been out with him a few times before right , he 's , he 's not a bad bloke but like I said like I said erm but he 's respect for her I said to her
7 It was work for her now , dealing with the bitch and the male accomplice in Newington Butts .
8 It was nonsense for her to say no one had a motive for murdering her husband .
9 ‘ I think it was agony for her often , the balance between No 1 and No 2 .
10 Yanto arranged to pick them up outside Sharpness Coop Sunday morning , after which Mary said it was time for her to go home .
11 Sarah refused to think about the inevitable separation from Corrie when it was time for her to be returned to the Foundling Hospital .
12 As she moved off with the other mounted followers , Artemis determined that if her father thought it was time for her to stop riding ponies and learn to hunt on a horse , then so be it .
13 Her friends were settled , politics infinitely depressing , she came to the decision to make some break ; it was time for her to go .
14 When they 'd covered more or less everything and it was time for her to go , Angelica walked with her to the main door .
15 The beeper alarm on Diane 's watch sounded as they were driving back , the signal that it was time for her to go and collect the litterbug Jed from his minder .
16 When it was time for her to leave , he walked out into the sun to open the driveway gates .
17 And he was always up before it was time for her to call him .
18 Leonora knew perfectly well it was time for her to grovel , but found it difficult to make a start .
19 ‘ Of course , ’ Fabia replied , and from then until it was time for her to drive Cara to the airport she listened intently to all her sister had to impart .
20 After all he was doing for her , she had virtually accused him of trying to seduce her .
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