Example sentences of "[noun pl] of [noun] [noun] over " in BNC.

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1 It has also been clear in his methods of training orchestras over long periods of time .
2 Too full to speak , Paige slid her arm about his waist and let the hovering waves of sleep drift over her .
3 He stood looking down at her and Maggie felt waves of anxiety wash over her .
4 It may be that the Minoans enjoyed the social and diplomatic aspects of long-drawn-out negotiations over the price of a cargo with Egyptian , Cypriot , or Trojan merchants .
5 Although he refused to speak against Gates , who had supported his election , Bush announced that Attorney General Thornburgh had begun a national review of the 15,000 complaints made to the federal government concerning acts of police brutality over the previous six years .
6 The Knights wear mantles of wolf skins over their red-coloured armour .
7 It is of course essential to our readers ' work to be able to compare changing patterns of land use over time , and often to be able to pinpoint a particular feature for various dates during , perhaps , more than a century of the topographic record .
8 Indeed Frost and Spence conclude that the main result of their detailed study of employment change between 1971 and 1977 must be ( 1984 , 146 ) ‘ the critical role that service activities and particularly the widespread public services have played in influencing the nature and patterns of employment change over the period ’ .
9 In addition to the structure I have also provisionally examined the numbers of staff likely to be needed for Council Tax purposes having regard to experiences of Poll Tax over recent years .
10 The great advantages of copper pipe over the old-fashioned lead piping are that it is light in weight , relatively cheap and easy to work with .
11 When the policy and administrative costs of checking this are considered , the advantages of in-kind transfer over cash transfer are reduced .
12 What are the advantages of Gift Aid over a Deed of Covenant ?
13 Imports of passenger cars over the three months rose only two per cent by volume , whilst imports of capital goods were down six per cent .
14 Social workers , librarians , planners , architects , housing staff , tax , careers and school officers will be taking part in the vote for six days of strike action over a six week period from October 4 .
15 From our dressing-cum-locker room we can see the audience hopelessly running around with pieces of plastic sheeting over their heads , trying to stay dry .
16 to assess the degree of convergence or divergence of input provision between and within classes of education authorities over the period 1975-84 ;
17 I say ‘ more or less stable ’ because , of course , conventions of meaning change over time .
18 The credentials of team B over the last two General Elections have been so patently hopeless that the floating voter has very rightly not applied the principle .
19 But urban sprawl and rural decay and disfigurement was often taking place in areas where local authorities were weak and where traditions of council control over development had not yet been established .
20 Densely-worked fields of circular shapes and spiralling lines have characterised the paintings of Pat Adams over many years .
21 Surely that has been one of the major changes of Government policy over the last few years .
22 Finally , the project measures changes in the level and sources of household income over the period and evaluates changes in government policy towards the rural poor .
23 One of the unsatisfactory features of employment law over the past couple of decades has been the rule that a wrongful dismissal claim must be brought in either the County Court or the High Court .
24 Table 4.3 gives details of population change over the two decades for the twenty counties and Scottish regions which in 1981 had the lowest population densities ( i.e. were the most rural ) .
25 Urban issues are to be understood in terms of class conflicts over the character and extent of reproduction through collective consumption in the form of the provision of urban services and facilities , particularly housing .
26 The view taken here is that one can produce quite easily a catechism of doom , supported with prodigious rates of soil loss over millions of hectares ( and some examples are given in this book ) .
27 The demand for money is also influenced by expectations of price changes and the levels of interest rates over the longer term .
28 NASA satellite surveys had revealed record levels of chlorine monoxide over parts of North America and Europe during some days in January .
29 It is hoped that these state-ments of principle will over time influence national courts by persuading them to look beyond their own , or indeed any one , legal system , particularly where the dispute is international and thus does not readily respond to national laws designed primarily for domestic transactions .
30 Some built sturdily of wood and iron , others no more than skins of plastic sheeting over frames of branches , they straggled north over the dunes as far as I could see .
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