Example sentences of "[noun pl] have [vb pp] [det] time " in BNC.

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1 The gangs had clashed many times .
2 British banks have had less time than their American counterparts to develop clear strategies towards property .
3 Mr Denham said he understood the pharmacy owners had wanted more time to prepare their case .
4 Reform , the young protesters stressed , was good but should be extended into the political sphere , as their predecessors had demanded many times before .
5 As the focus of the Bretton Woods institutions has moved across the Atlantic to central Europe deep-seated fears have arisen that time , resources and energy will be diverted from the economies of the southern hemisphere .
6 Bradshaw and Millar found that about 85 per cent of all lone mothers had spent some time on income support since becoming a lone parent with 72 per cent still in receipt at the time of the interview .
7 Few divers have spent more time under waters as diverse as the Pacific Ocean and the Red Sea .
8 Sociologists and political scientists have devoted much time to developing a variety of theories on the determination of public sector expenditure .
9 It is a tribute to the importance of her personality that her advisers have spent much time on her image .
10 In such circumstances the figures for those activities will rise as a result of the police having spent more time and money in dealing with them .
11 In fact , by the time they reach the age of 18 , most children have spent more time in front of the TV set than at school .
12 He added that the exports had ceased some time previously .
13 Every Rentokil person in Water and Ventilation , Tropical Plants and Medical Services has spent much time and energy developing SSG & FQS this year and now they will really shoot us way into the lead .
14 All three ran back to the trough prepared to swim for it as the boys had done several times before .
15 She 'd come into the women 's group after the others had spent some time talking about their individual relations to femaleness ; feminism for her was a safe place , a rhetoric spoken to her by other women , a description they made of her , a set of ideas they had worked out and which she acquired to wear as a badge .
16 Such has been the pace of South Africa 's re-entry into the world arena that Rhodes and his team mates have had little time to be overawed by the situation , which for a youngster from a small town in Natal is quite remarkable .
17 Health units have found that over the past two years nurses have taken more time off sick with qualified nurses taking an average of 14 days off each year .
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