Example sentences of "[noun pl] [be] hold to [be] " in BNC.

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1 It is the difference between a necessary empirical shift , when reasoning is taken across to one of its presumed objects and must take the full strain of the encounter , and a deceptive ( because falsely generalized ) empiricism , in which certain kinds of attention to certain presumptively autonomous objects are held to be justified and protected by the terms of an unargued immediacy .
2 The source of the higher hazards at the youngest and oldest maternal ages are held to be , in the case of infants born to teenagers , the physiological immaturity that often characterizes very young women at the birth of their first child ; the mother 's social immaturity and inexperience with child care ; and impoverishment in respect to formal schooling and overall living conditions .
3 The way of life argument was often used against closure since schools were held to be an important aspect of local life since the loss of the teacher and the school building seemed like a sentence of death for the community .
4 These buckets were held to be of merchantable quality ( but see paragraph 7–22 below ) .
5 Association of First Division Civil Servants ( D.C. , 1988 ) the delegation of certain functions under the Prosecution of Offences Act to non-lawyers was held to be unlawful .
6 Motor vehicles and coal-fired power stations are held to be the main offenders .
7 The plaintiff individual workers were held to be entitled to assert their right to transfer .
8 But breaches of the injunction continued and the union officials were held to be in contempt , the union being fined £50,000 with sequestration of assets to follow , if needed .
9 The defence of volenti was held to be inappropriate but the plaintiff 's damages were reduced for his contributory negligence in riding with a drunken driver and failing to wear a seat belt .
10 Though promotion from one class to another was possible , it was across a wide gulf as the distinction between classes was held to be the distinction between mechanical and intellectual activity .
11 Then the division into classes was held to be an impediment and a cause of frustration .
12 This enquiry found that the airship trials had been unsatisfactory and in their final report they stated that ‘ … no Government department , high official or group of individuals was held to be responsible ’ .
13 Fluctuations about these mean positions are held to be Gaussian and not dependent upon the strain .
14 By an ‘ ethical a priori ’ position I mean to indicate that certain principles are held to be an a priori and not subject to qualification .
15 In 1985 regulations were held to be void as having no statutory authority where their purpose was to force able-bodied young people who lived on supplementary benefit to move from one area to another in search of employment .
16 That means that Woolwich were asserting a legal right to recover the payments in the event of the relevant Regulations being held to be ultra vires , and stating that the payments were made without prejudice to such right .
17 In the event neither the manager nor the owners were held to be in breach of duty .
18 The profits of a Hong Kong company which granted fixed fee sub-licences of video films to overseas customers were held to be ‘ arising in ’ and ‘ derived from ’ Hong Kong by the Privy Council in Commissioner of Inland Revenue v HK-TVB International Ltd [ 1992 ] STI 745 .
19 I do not accept the intervener 's argument that it is in some way undignified for the decision of a visitor on the basis of advice from an eminent judge to be subject to judicial review and that if certiorari is held to be available senior judges will not wish to give such advice .
20 For some the internal growth of firms is held to be the dominant force , with merger activity playing a distinctly secondary role [ Prais , 1976 ; Hart and Clarke , 1980 ] , whilst others hold that the opposite is the case [ Hannah and Kay , 1977 ] .
21 A stall with wheels was held to be a vehicle in this case .
22 A substantial but prudent investment of finances is therefore essential to provide a safe service in which the clinical needs of patients are held to be primary .
23 This was at a time when the same gp160 product was being vigorously touted by MicroGeneSys as a prophylactic vaccine candidate ; a time when , as now , being able to mimic as closely as possible the natural viral antigens was held to be important for such a vaccine .
24 Now how a man who works on can think there 's anything funny about species I just ca n't understand erm but there it is. erm well , suppose , however , that in my view wrongly one did suppose that there was something erm in this sort of idea of the decoupling between the processes which we observed in single populations and erm the sort of mechanisms leading to large scale evolution , what kinds of processes are held to be important when it comes to large scale evolution events ?
25 This occurs where two motorists are held to be equally to blame for a collision and the plaintiff is injured .
26 In conclusion the payments were held to be capital .
27 Certain occupations were held to be unfitting for baptized believers ; magic , idolatry , eroticism , games in the amphitheatre ranked as unsuitable occupations .
28 Support dipped sharply to 51 per cent only when the Americans were held to be largely or in part to blame for the failure of the Paris Summit in May 1960 .
29 The distinction between males and females is held to be so fundamental as to be unworthy of comment .
30 Removal of water through artesian wells is held to be the reason why the tower began going off at an angle soon after building work began in 1174 .
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