Example sentences of "[noun pl] [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 times He 'll have good times Goin' oot on the randan But
2 UN flies bodies home THE BODIES of 23 peacekeepers shot in weekend battles with Somali gunmen were flown home to Pakistan yesterday as the UN honed plans to hit back at the killers ‘ within days ’ .
3 BODIES of 23 peacekeepers shot in weekend battles with Somali gunmen in Mogadishu were flown home to Pakistan as the UN honed plans to hit back at the killers ‘ within days . ’
4 Importantly , Gramsci did not believe that consent was produced as the result of a ruling class conspiracy to hoax the workers ; for him , ideologies arose out of the material realities within which human beings live and work .
5 But on this day , an unusually cloudless Sunday late in October , I had travelled from Cornwall ; the train was two hours late , and I rushed , humping my case , past the mute crowds gazing up at the information board , towards the taxi rank .
6 Foreign imports into Britain continued to grow rapidly in the 1970s and 1980s while UK exports of manufactures levelled off from the late 1970s , making the UK a net importer of manufactured goods for the first time in the long history we have described ( Figure 2.1 ) .
7 The Acts of Parliament , although applying to Scotland , use the English spelling , as do the various forms laid down in the Acts in connection with the representation at Westminster .
8 Notes spilled out of the money drawer .
9 Quacking and complaining , the ducks hopped back into the water and swam away .
10 We are very willing to accept that those parts of the judges ' visitorial jurisdiction which were not incident to the administration of justice in the courts passed down through the routes suggested by Sir William and Professor Baker , but in the context of the present case , where the court has for the first time to inquire into the particular function which is being performed , we are not satisfied that the whole of the visitorial jurisdiction passed by this route .
11 You will be taught about hazards both in the classroom and on the wards and should always adhere to procedures and policies laid down for the safety of patients and yourself .
12 The district council claim that unauthorised use of the farm shop for the sale of goods not produced within the farm holding is not a use ancillary to agricultural use , and is contrary to policies laid down by the district local plan .
13 Essentially , it had a directing and supervisory role , ensuring that the policies laid down by the Politburo were known and vigorously pursued at all levels .
14 It emphasized that many people considered that direct contact between boards and course teams was ‘ one of the most valued aspects of the Council 's operation ’ , and the Council concurred with this view as long as boards worked within the policies laid down by the committees .
15 ( WES ) Almost all the club 's riders have refused to agree to new pay scales laid down by the sport 's governing body .
16 There was a low-slung sofa with a faded loose cover ; a rocking-chair with canvas strips hanging out of the bottom ; and a broad oak table on metal castors .
17 To enable researchers to report back on the results of recently completed research in the Scottish courts to an invited audience comprising the various branches of the legal profession , policy makers concerned with the administration of justice , pressure group and voluntary organisations and to stimulate an informed discussion of key findings .
18 I send minutes laid out in the proper style .
19 The team will play to the rules laid down for the 1992 World Cup .
20 The Commission made a provisional determination that the plaintiffs had failed to establish a claim according to the rules laid down under the statute .
21 Claims brought in respect of loss of cargo will be governed by the rules laid down in the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1971 , the Hague-Visby Rules .
22 An exclusion clause , which purports to exclude or limit liability under these terms , is subject to the rules already outlined in this chapter , including the rules laid down in the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 .
23 But these are only reasons of strategy , and a pragmatist believes judges should always be ready to override such reasons when he thinks that changing rules laid down in the past would be in the general interest overall , notwithstanding some limited damage to the authority of political institutions .
24 Each dance followed particular rules laid down by the dancing masters , and this idea continued to prevail even after Gluck began to compose operas and ballets which had greater continuity .
25 He disapproved of his bishop ( A. A. David ) for the tough way in which he handled three recalcitrant Anglo-Catholic priests who refused to conform to rules laid down by the bishop and yet did nothing about the radical dean of the cathedral who did things equally nonconforming in a Low Church direction .
26 But the five-figure sum paid for No 34 Smith Square , Westminster , will not reduce customers ' water bills under privatisation rules laid down by the Government itself .
27 If he does cause a byelection , he will face the charge that he is not prepared to play by the rules laid down by the party conference .
28 The personal estate was distributed in accordance with rules laid down by the Statutes of Distribution of Charles II 's and James II's reigns .
29 The Yorkshire Television helicopter , which had lifted the crew in , landed in pitch darkness , totally against the ground rules laid down by the Civil Aviation Authority , and lifted out the film equipment .
30 Since a Convention rule covering an issue displaces the need for resort to the conflicts of laws whilst the non-coverage of an issue necessitates recourse to the applicable law as determined by the conflicts rules of the forum , it may become necessary to decide whether an issue on which the Convention contains no express provision is covered by implication , applying any canons of interpretation laid down by the Convention itself , and if not , whether recourse is to be had to general conflict-of-laws rules or to any particular conflict rules laid down by the Convention .
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