Example sentences of "[adj] at the [adj] time " in BNC.

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1 By their reasons the justices stated that the girl would continue to be liable to sexual abuse if allowed to return to her family as the mother refused to recognise the responsibility of the father for that abuse and that the mother would not protect the girl from the father on whom the mother was emotionally dependent ; that they had considered that the girl might be cared for by her half-sister but had concluded that it would be difficult to prevent contact between the girl and her father ; that they had formed the view that contact between the girl and her father would be harmful at the present time and therefore the local authority should refuse such contact until the review by the local authority in six months time ; and that there should be supervised reasonable contact between the girl and her mother and between the girl and her half-sister .
2 Of course during the er during the course of this year we will be considering prototypes which will enable those young people to reach that high level of qualification but he will be aware that under the national training and education target there are some of those targets which are directly related to the points that he has raised and the important priority for this government is to ensure not only that we have young people training to an even higher level but through programmes like investors in people , that we encourage every member of the work force and those er who are primarily unemployed at the present time , to train to even higher levels of qualifications .
3 … the correct comparison is not with any man but with an hypothetical man who would also be unavailable at the critical time .
4 It can , none the less , cut out many of the worst frustrations : material that takes hours to trace , is never found , or is unavailable at the right time ; teacher-made material that takes too long , is botched in process or inexpertly designed ; equipment that does n't work , or works badly , or is preempted by someone else at the crucial moment ; timetables that do n't , when it comes to the point , allow sufficient flexibility ; help that one feels ought to be available but somehow never is .
5 It would be particularly appropriate at the present time to pay more attention to this aspect , and to obtain better information about crofters ' levels of living , including the subsistence component and remittances from emigrants .
6 ‘ The committee endorses this action by the licensing authority ’ , Goldberg 's letter goes on , ‘ and considers that , in the light of the apparent safety hazard , suspension of the licence is appropriate at the present time ’ .
7 It seems appropriate at the present time , therefore , that the suspicion of PVI , particularly in patients with decompensated liver disease as indicated by the presence of an appreciably reduced portal blood flow , needs to be confirmed by conventional arterial portography .
8 It is clear in talking to Walter , as he nears the end of his career , that while he has greatly enjoyed his job working with students , he is saddened by the fact that prospects for young people are not very promising at the present time .
9 The reason they were picked ( aside from those who are here by right of birth ) is that a small portion of their total brain power was visibly alight at the right time and in the right place .
10 But Brewer has an uncanny knack of getting injured at the wrong time and so hooker Sean Fitzpatrick will be in charge for the first time .
11 The only one of the top four never to lift the crown , White , a 9–2 shot , is building confidence on coming good at the right time , winning the British and European Opens .
12 Although no separate figures are yet available on short-term care facilities , the consensus is that they are inadequate at the present time .
13 It is that a person who takes another 's car ‘ can escape liability to tougher sentences only if he or she can show , on the balance of probabilities , that either the aggravating event occurred before he or she committed [ the basic s. 12 offence ] , or that he or she was not present at the relevant time . ’
14 Section 16(1) in the unamended form applicable at the relevant time stated : ‘ Where a term of a contract purports to exclude or restrict liability for breach of duty arising in the course of any business or from the occupation of any premises used for business premises of the occupier that term … ( b ) shall … have no effect if it was not fair and reasonable to incorporate the term in the contract . ’
15 CD trials , with teachers who are new both to the unit and to the computer system , are important at the present time because most teacher users will be in this category .
16 This uncertainty is not so important at the present time , when things are far apart , so that a small uncertainty in position does not make much difference .
17 ‘ This connection is particularly important at the current time when we know the numbers of women on low income has doubled in the last decade . ’
18 It would be the last straw if her husband tried to get romantic at the wrong time of the month .
19 Complaints of headaches should be taken seriously and genetic counselling made available at the appropriate time .
20 It is important to establish that the client and key employees will be available at the appropriate time .
21 And , there 's at least eight discs available at the present time , and more could be made available .
22 M_N Media Not Available — the media item is not available at the present time ie. it is in a locked cabinet , inaccessible to the operator .
23 unfortunately it 's not available at the present time .
24 It must be a last resort in the sense that all else must first have been comprehensively considered and rejected — never because no other placement was available at the relevant time , because of inadequacies in staffing , because the child is simply being a nuisance or runs away from his accommodation and is not likely to suffer significant harm in doing so , and never as a form of punishment .
25 Local staff or voluntary workers can not be expected to have the resources , time or experience to ensure that telecommunications , backdrop , crowd flow , music , lighting and camera positions are available at the right time and in the right way .
26 Distribution is the process of making the right materials available at the right time , in the right quantities and in a condition in which they can be used .
27 Planners need a thorough understanding of the subject field to be explored , and its structure in enquiry ; they need to know what materials , print-form or audio-visual , are available , and suitable , and what special problems they may reveal ; they need to have available at the right time suitable equipment , and places where the equipment may be used , and they need to be sure that the student is able to find and make use of all the resources he may need in the periods of the timetable allotted to the activity .
28 Both had a comprehensive collection of tools , and luckily what we needed would be available at the right time .
29 ( i ) to secure that the right land is available at the right time for the implementation of national , regional and local plans :
30 Though the commission could buy by agreement it had to have effective powers of compulsory purchase if it was ‘ to ensure that the right land is made available at the right time ’ .
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