Example sentences of "difficult it is " in BNC.

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1 You do n't know how difficult it is . ’
2 Try putting yourself at five or six hundred feet directly over the landing area of your gliding site and see for yourself how difficult it is to plan and make a spot landing .
3 ‘ The more radical the slogans , the more difficult it is for us the day after in the corridors of power in Moscow . ’
4 It is tough , but with top quality artists we have a responsibility to offer their music to the public , however difficult it is to let them hear it .
5 One , a punk , talked about the village in Wales where she lives and how difficult it is to be different , so that dyeing her hair blue becomes an extremely powerful statement about herself , saying all the things she wants to about her rejection of the values of the people in her village .
6 I think this is about our physical boundaries again , as it was in Alison 's story , showing how fragile the self-image of girls can be , how easily invaded by others — and also , how difficult it is to like your body if it is curvaceous , if you are naturally fleshy , fat , large-breasted or pear-shaped , as many of us are .
7 You know , sir , how difficult it is to persuade a multitude to revolt of established authority ’ .
8 No-one , though , should be under any illusions as to how difficult it is going to be .
9 It 's amazing how difficult it is for strangers to find the main entrance to many schools , particularly when the school is a modern flat roofed single storey building .
10 It has been recognised how difficult it is to attribute accurately the effect of humans on soil erosion ( Stocking 1978b : 130 ) because of the uncontrolled nature of many other crucial variables , such as climatic change .
11 Ah , how difficult it is .
12 To go on thus is like walking up an ever-narrowing blind alley : the further you go the more difficult it is to turn about ; the more certain and greater the ultimate disaster .
13 From then on he began to understand how difficult it is to control spastic muscles .
14 The more viscous the lava , the more difficult it is to force it through a vent , and the vent may well become blocked with a slow-moving or stationary plug of lava .
15 When you are sleepy the muscles around your eyes relax and your vision may become blurred — remember what it is like sitting and listening to a boring speaker and how difficult it is to focus clearly upon him .
16 Olive Stevenson points out how difficult it is to empathise with older people because we have not had the same experiences .
17 These trends indicate how difficult it is for the market to translate what it has been told about the purchasing power of this group into reality .
18 Coming from the Health Department , who should know something about how difficult it is to align health and age , it really takes the biscuit .
19 The more distant in time an issue is to current industry concerns , the more difficult it is for managers to establish that it applies to their business in some significant way ( relevancy ) and that it should be addressed now ( urgency ) .
20 The less you have of it as , for example , in a short face-to-face contact , the more difficult it is to impress and/or influence .
21 It helps one understand how difficult it is just to eat , to pick things up or to dry your feet .
22 However difficult it is to measure short-term effects of library instruction , it is far more difficult to measure the long-term effects of the instruction given .
23 We all know how difficult it is for scientists to obtain their due recognition .
24 The controversy that has surrounded Brenner 's results illustrates how difficult it is to draw firm conclusions about the role of any one factor , such as unemployment , on a state as loosely defined as ‘ health ’ .
25 Be realistic about how difficult it is going to be .
26 It 's easy enough to say this : I know from experience how difficult it is in practice !
27 Try judging distances in an unfamiliar place with just one eye open , for instance , or notice how much more difficult it is to put your finger on a particular spot when one eye is shut .
28 How difficult it is to listen to others !
29 If only you readers realised how difficult it is attempting to open envelopes without the gift of arms you 'd send postcards instead !
30 To make it a little more difficult it is a good idea to make the children use their alternative hand .
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