Example sentences of "around the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Unlikely though it may seem , as I wandered miserably in the snow in a duffle coat , puffing my pipe , around the cobblestones and concrete of Wilhelmshaven , I was still , in naval terms , serving aboard a ship , HMS Royal Rupert to be precise .
2 Toby had a pencil with a blue one on the end it its scaly tail curled around the pencil and the head was spiked down the neck could be used as a rubber .
3 The winds that carried it there had passed directly over the power stations of South Yorkshire and the ‘ sulphur valley ’ area around the Trent , where there are 12 large power stations .
4 Before serving , arrange the tortilla chips around the pie on top of the cheese .
5 Its biggest problem is a resounding thrum at 4000–4500 rpm that booms around the cabin .
6 The young man scratched his head and looked around the cabin .
7 Masklin looked desperately around the cabin .
8 He stood up and moved restlessly around the cabin .
9 Then the father in the book had a fatal heart attack and she went white , putting it down , tears burning her eyes as the aircraft engines whined on and on , and the Oriental stewardesses moved gracefully around the cabin , collecting drinks and trays .
10 The four-door 600 is stylish from the outside and well-groomed around the cabin , though I did n't care all that much for the light coloured fascia trim the company expects to be popular .
11 ACRI and Cray will convert applications for both companies ' parallel computer systems — Cray is also designing parallel machines around the Alpha RISC .
12 Advanced Computer Research — ACRI — and Cray will also collaborate to convert and optimise applications codes on both companies ' parallel computer systems — Cray is also designing parallel machines around the Alpha RISC .
13 The Great Chamberlain wore one of the more spectacular Court uniforms consisting of a scarlet coat with gold embroidery on the front and around the collar , a waistcoat and knee breeches of nankeen , silk stockings and shoes with gold buckles .
14 The tunic was piped in branch-colour around the collar , deep cuffs , and down the front edge .
15 Another normal step in the process of grieving , one which often follows closely on numbness , is anger , often just free-floating anger without specific focus and likely to last until around the anniversary of the death which caused it .
16 A hundred and seventy five I think was the last count that we have around the U K all selling advertising .
17 We are relying on you and all the other volunteers around the U K in your contacts with the public to help make this year a success .
18 The roots grow huge , sculptural wings to buttress the tree and the climber wraps itself around the lapuna , which slowly decays inside it .
19 The next day the fair proper would begin with stalls around the quayside , strolling musicians , jugglers , side shows , wrestling and boat racing .
20 Commerson 's dolphin is found in Chilean waters and at the sub-Antarctic Kergueien Island in the Indian Ocean ; Peale 's dolphin is restricted to coastal waters around the southern tip of South America and around the Falkland Islands ; and the Chilean black dolphin is found only in Chilean waters .
21 Others — like the squid , which are the chief prey around the Falkland Islands — live for only one year , then reproduce , then die .
22 A special concession paid for by the Ministry of Defence allows for Aerogrammes to and from HM Forces based in BFPOs 801 to 825 , BFPO 655 and HM Ships operating in the seas around the Falkland Islands to be sent without pre-payment of postage .
23 The new measures provided for ( i ) the lifting of the 150-mile exclusion zone around the Falkland Islands and its replacement on March 31 , 1990 , by mutually agreed security arrangements ( backed up by a direct radio " hotline " between the commander of the Falklands garrison and Argentina 's military high command ) giving each country advance warning of the military manoeuvres of the other , and allowing Argentinian warships and aircraft to come within 50 miles and 70 miles respectively of the Falklands without prior permission ; ( ii ) co-operation on air and sea rescue , safety procedures and air and maritime navigation ; ( iii ) an investment promotion and protection pact to encourage investment in the Falklands , and negotiations on possible Anglo-Argentinian investment promotion and protection agreements ; ( iv ) shared information on fishing in the South Atlantic , although a 150-mile conservation zone around the Falklands would be maintained , within which Argentinian vessels were denied the right to fish [ see p. 37001 ] ; ( v ) a working group on South Atlantic affairs and arrangements for further talks to improve contacts between the mainland and the Falklands ; ( vi ) visits by Argentinian relatives to Falkland war graves by arrangement with the International Red Cross ; ( vii ) co-operation on environmental protection ; and ( viii ) co-operation against drug trafficking .
24 Argentina failed to produce an accord to avert over-fishing in waters around the Falkland ( Malvinas ) Islands .
25 Meeting together as joint members of the South Atlantic Fishing Commission in London on Dec. 5-6 , officials from the Argentine and United Kingdom governments agreed to extend a commercial fishing ban around the Falkland ( Malvinas ) Islands for a further year until the end of 1992 .
26 With the help of Blue Watch and Mr Jackson a halter was fitted around the foal and its feet were hobbled .
27 The Carrion swoop around the adventurers , but make no attempt to carry anyone off .
28 The pupae will be drifting around the adventurers by this time , so a swing with a weapon will automatically be an attack against D2 of them ( the pupa is hit if the character fails a WS test ) .
29 Chopper Harris had peered around the vehicle , and his mouth fell open as he saw the officer talking to his friends .
30 He walked around the vehicle a couple of times , stretching his legs , stopping by the bonnet to squat down on his knees .
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