Example sentences of "happen be for " in BNC.

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1 Squigs are unpredictable and in many way the best thing that can happen is for them to go wild once they are near the enemy .
2 The worst that could happen is for someone to suggest a ‘ magic ’ solution .
3 The worst thing that can happen is for the boat to become totally inverted and here you need to slide the daggerboard quickly out before it drops through the hull .
4 What needs to happen is for players to learn how to ruck and maul more efficiently .
5 What will tend to happen is for example , erm , in my section to deal with public courses , I would have information about the venues that I 'm going to use this year , I would have information about the mailing lists I 'm going to use , and information about the mailing lists of my office I 'm going to use , I would have prospects that I 'm going to call , you know , it 's all stuff that I would tend to plan out on a pad of paper and then insert into the particular data section , and refer to as I need to .
6 All I did n't want to happen was for him to become violent , which I did n't think was ever on the cards .
7 Often the only way for that to happen was for those already in the cities to move out and for those contemplating a move in not to come .
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