Example sentences of "happen be [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Somebody er to whom the erm er er matters could be referred er whom er could remove trustees er who are er not acting in er the best interests er of the fund erm to whom er I understand that the erm beneficiaries could er appeal if they felt that their fund was being erm used i in the wrong way which is something that we have n't got at the moment erm I mean just going very , very briefly back to the question that you asked erm about this how would you stop what 's happen happening is by having , we would have thought a pensioner trustee , because even the question has been asked how did it get through the union trustees and the answer is that most of them are employed , and they are looking over their shoulder because jobs are going and redundancies are being made .
2 Erm I mean just going very , very briefly back to the question that you asked erm about this how would you stop what 's happen happening is by having , we would have thought a pensioner trustee , because even the question has been asked how did it get through the union trustees , and the answer that most of them are employed and they are looking over their shoulder because jobs are going , redundancies are being made , you 've got a pensioner employee er a pensioner trustee on there , and they 're not looking over their shoulder for their job , they are going to do the job of a trustee and watch the fund and they would then be able to go to the regulator if they saw something that was amiss , but if somebody is employed by the firm might be very worried about doing because they 're more bothered about keeping their job .
3 Cos what normally happens is with tetanus , that the reason it kills you is that you stop breathing because your muscles that work your lungs , the diaphragm , the intercostal muscles between the ribs , those seize up and you just stop breathing .
4 What happens is of course , you 're so , very often socialised into behaving like this , ask yourself if your an A type , are your parents A types ?
5 Er , sir , at the risk of straying slightly into into two B , you , do forgive me in advance , but you raised the specific point about size , and and erm there was er one or two statements that there is n't a a clear view on size in P P G three , I think it 's important to bear in mind the interrelationship between all P P G s and as Mr Curtis said , the research that that backs them up , and I I I point you to three quotes in the statement that C P R E have put in , erm i i i paragraph four point one seven , an and s the quote that attaches to that is taken from the research that erm er backs up draft revised P P G thirteen , transport , and erm I shall quote from that on this question of size , i it is also evident that smaller settlements , those with populations of less than fifty thousand , but particularly very small settlements are characteristically less transport emissions efficient than larger settlements , I think the the erm essence of of that particular piece of research is not as Mr Davis was implying to achieve totally self contained settlements , I do n't believe such a concept exists , it 's actually erm a planning land use in the long term to reduce C O two emi emissions something that is essential now to government policy , I think perhaps more instructive though is is the quote that I 've in included in paragraph four point one nine and that 's taken from er er this book here which I perhaps should submit the whole chapter in evidence to the panel , I 've only just included one quote , it 's it 's I suggest one of the more interesting reads that you may have as a result of this panel , it 's by Colin Ward , and it 's called New Town , Home Town , it 's undertaken by er , sorry includes some of the work that 's been undertaken by the University of Reading , erm and er David Lock Associates , on erm er new town research , and this this is due to be published by H M S O shortly , it 's unfortunate that it was n't available in time for this E I P , but I think erm , if you 'll bear with me , I will read out the quote that I put in four point one nine , because I feel that it is useful on this question of of size , we concluded that if you are interested in environmental impact , energy conser consumption , and sustainability , new settlements have to reach a certain size to be worthwhile , it 's parallel to the old arguments that used to take place around self containment in new towns , we found that new settlements of much less than five thousand houses , that 's about fourteen thousand people are not really worthwhile because if they are smaller than that you are simply putting a housing estate in the countryside , a phrase that that has already been put round this morning , it appears that the best minimum for a new settlement , the best minimum , is about ten thousand houses , that 's that 's twenty five thousand people , which as it happens is about the size of the original garden cities .
6 Okay so here comes the moon it 's coming in the way of the sun coming in the way of the sun and what happens is in fact when the moon eclipses the sun
7 Everything that happens is by design and purpose .
8 Nature , Sickert insisted , is not going to sit still and wait till you have got what is there — all the most interesting things that happen are of the most momentary description .
9 What happened is at the beginning of last year , Yvonne said to me er , we have lived in this house for three years , we must decorate it .
10 As a university member , I think the thing I would most like to have happen is to be accepted as an ordinary person in the place I live and the people I meet with .
11 The last time that happened was with an Irish judge in the 1830s .
12 What happened was like a farce in the theatre !
13 If you want in Colossians chapter one in verse twenty seven , it 's , it 's given again very simply , again can I use J B Phillips , he puts it like this , he says the secret is simply this , Christ in you yes he says Christ in you , bringing with him the hope of all the glorious things to come , so what God does he comes in to this situation that 's marred that 's warped , that 's twisted and he comes in by himse , Jesus Christ comes into it , he becomes the central point , the focal point and that circle , it starts to get dealt with , that marred twisted like , it does n't happen being like that , we knew creation straight away , we do n't have to work at that , but he , as we allow him to dwell in us and to work out his purpose , he restores that relationship with God and God starts to fashion us , he starts to work on us and bring us back into how he originally created us .
14 Squigs are unpredictable and in many way the best thing that can happen is for them to go wild once they are near the enemy .
15 The worst that could happen is for someone to suggest a ‘ magic ’ solution .
16 The worst thing that can happen is for the boat to become totally inverted and here you need to slide the daggerboard quickly out before it drops through the hull .
17 Now if you continue to rubbish under all that will happen is before long that Surrey County Council putting forward a planning application at Stansted .
18 The only way in which this could happen is by chance in a small population : outsiders do come in at long odds .
19 From the very beginning , the Minoans were in contact with people of other cultures , and the only way that contact could happen was by sea .
20 What would happen was by no means certain in 1216 .
21 The most obvious places where this is likely to have happened are along the flanks of the Mid-North Sea and Ringkøping-Fyn Highs , around late Cretaceous inversion features such as the Texel-IJsselmeer High ( van Adrichem-Boogaert and Burgers 1983 ) , and in areas where the Zechstein is presently at outcrop such as N.E. England .
22 If I 'd not blocked or she 'd not blocked out that time in that way , what would have happened is on the thirteenth , er , of the month , erm , Red would have called me from the Health and Safety Executive would have called me and said , Ricky we 've got er , a remedial leadership weekend on the top of Snowden , and er , on that , on the last weekend of the month , and we 've got a one hour slot for you , that 's just a golden opportunity .
23 In fact what has happened is by approving their constitutions the Charity Trustees have delegated the management of the affairs of the local branches to freely elected committees of local members .
24 The last time this had happened was in Belfast , when they had cornered that PIRA bastard in the cellar .
25 I 'm not quite sure yet cos we 're this chicken and egg which starts first I think we 're gon na look at a an an interim type report in year nine a quicker type report I ca n't remember what it 's , it 's written down in my other diary because what I do n't want to happen is to , people to have a onerous report at the end of year nine , cos they 're gon na have to do a report there now
26 What needs to happen is for players to learn how to ruck and maul more efficiently .
27 What will tend to happen is for example , erm , in my section to deal with public courses , I would have information about the venues that I 'm going to use this year , I would have information about the mailing lists I 'm going to use , and information about the mailing lists of my office I 'm going to use , I would have prospects that I 'm going to call , you know , it 's all stuff that I would tend to plan out on a pad of paper and then insert into the particular data section , and refer to as I need to .
28 All I did n't want to happen was for him to become violent , which I did n't think was ever on the cards .
29 Often the only way for that to happen was for those already in the cities to move out and for those contemplating a move in not to come .
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