Example sentences of "[was/were] around [art] corner " in BNC.

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1 Well erm you see although I learned shorthand and typing it was better money and that was the reason I had to do it , I 've passed my exams in shorthand but er probably there were n't enough offices then to employ a good many clerks , but erm they er it was a very big fellow who used to ring the bell and the bell was on the outside , he was named Tom but I ca n't for the life of me think erm what his other name was but , erm it used to put the fear through us I can tell you if we were around the corner and we heard that bell ringing but erm they , they were a good firm to work for and , but they were strict but everywhere was strict in those days , we had to accept it but it was a long long hours , but erm they knew I had some , I , I enjoyed it and I 'd go back again only I 'm too old .
2 She imagined a lifetime among her own Dreamed creations , knowing exactly what they would say next , exactly what was around every corner .
3 The rise in unemployment frustrated the government 's spending plans , because of the rising costs of social security ; it also undermined the credibility of the government 's claims that its economic strategy was working and that economic recovery was around the corner .
4 The return of socialism would be the ‘ road to nowhere , a dead end ’ at a time when economic recovery was around the corner .
5 The man hurried on , throwing the leaflet in a waste-paper bin as soon as he was around the corner by the newspaper stand .
6 The Macedonian government was able to press its claim for recognition , which had been blocked by Greece , by threatening that war was around the corner .
7 You 've been threatened and harassed , and worrying about what was around the corner .
8 The drug-store , where he had breakfasted late , was around the corner on Walnut Street , a deep dim-lit room with a counter and stools midway down one side , after the racks of magazines and trinkets .
9 The entrance to Cathy Carne 's flat was around the corner — a wooden stairacse , well maintained , with a canopied landing at the top .
10 Under it , major changes in reserves would have created an overwhelming presumption that a change in the exchange rate was around the corner , and thus encouraged speculation on what was in effect a certain bet .
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